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Community Development - Tanzania

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Volunteer working with Community Development in Moshi, Tanzania. Get the chance to volunteer in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Climb the mountain or safari in the Serengeti.

Community Development - Tanzania

Some of our projects undertake a multitude of different work.  Often teaching, community work and women’s groups can be combined. 

There are many women’s groups in the area affecting change at a local level.  The women that create these groups are often widowed due to HIV/AIDS virus, HIV positive themselves or looking after the children of deceased relatives.  These groups generally focus on helping at a very local level to empower those around them.  Common activities include educational and microfinance projects to assist women in becoming self-sufficient, supporting local orphans in the form of access to free education, and raising awareness of important health issues. 

We are working with a number of such groups which are at different stages of development.  Volunteers are needed to support various on-going activities such as microfinance projects, education or administration or helping with long term funding.  Volunteers are placed according to their skills and length of time here, as some groups are looking for very specific skills, whilst others can use help at a more basic level.  Contact us directly for information.  Women’s groups also undertake local community based projects such as surveying in local villages, running community health seminars or discovering new ways to assist a particular village.

Women's and Community development projects are most suited to volunteers who can come for a minimum 3 month period.

Construction and building work is frequently being undertaken by a number of our projects, although this can be sporadic as it is often based upon available funds.  Please contact us to find out where there is a need for support when you would like to stay.

Home visits are also possible. 

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from £513

Nafgem (Network Against Female Genital Mutilaion) (3 months minimum)

NAFGEM is an organization working towards the elimination of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), child marriages and other forms of violence against women and young girls.  In some areas of Tanzania the incidence of FGM can be as high as 70%.  NAFGEM run several programs to empower women involving community outreach education through trainings, seminars and workshops.  They also have several safe houses for girls that have run away from early marriage and/or FGM.  Volunteer work can involve assisting the girls at the safe house with homework and business/vocational skills.  There is also the opportunity for volunteers interested in assisting with office work, marketing, fieldwork and research.  This project would be ideal for those with an interest in social work or gender studies. The nature of your volunteer work would depend on your background and length of stay.  The project asks for a non-compulsory volunteer contribution of USD$100 per month to cover costs associated with hosting a volunteer.  Please contact us for more information if you are considering volunteering at this project.


TAFCOM stands for Tanzanian Organisation Facilitating Community Development Projects. Established in 2005, they aim to work within the Kilimanjaro region to empower people and help alleviate the poor standards of living, healthcare and education and focusing much of their work with people living with HIV/Aids.  TAFCOM operate multiple branches and volunteers are welcome to choose which area they volunteer with. 

Volunteers can assist teachers in a day care centre for vulnerable children and orphans with approximately 80 children, ranging from 2 to 6 years of age.  Other projects include a Home-Based Care Programme 3 days per week providing medical, educational and financial support to HIV/Aids victims; a micro-finance division offering soft loans to allow families to establish small businesses; and a woman’s tailoring group giving women the skills they need to produce and sell their own products.  There is opportunity to teach these women other useful skills, such as English, cooking, or jewelry making.  Volunteers with the necessary skills are welcome to work in any aspect of the organisation.

Mawela Vocational Training Centre

This centre caters for teenagers and young adults who are no longer in mainstream education.  Often they have failed end of year exams and are therefore not able to attend government schools and private schools financially out of reach. 
Mawela offers opportunities to those teenagers who would otherwise be left without a secondary level education.  The centre runs vocational classes in carpentry, welding, sewing, basic auto repair and electrical skills where volunteers with the appropriate skills are welcome to assist.

Volunteers with a background in design or marketing could also work to develop products the school could produce and sell to generate funds for the school as an income.  In addition Mawela has two classrooms where these teenagers are taught additional subjects such as English, Maths, and Business Skills.  Volunteers with a background in these areas are always welcome to volunteer as assistants. 


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