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Travel and Teach - Volunteer Expedition

from £800
Duration: from 2 weeks to 3 months
Countries: Cook Islands, Fiji
Meaningful travel expeditions to Fiji and The Cook Islands. Make an impact in a local community whilst stepping off the beaten track and immersing yourself deep within authentic culture.

Travel and Teach - Volunteer Expedition

Creating Global Impact Through Engagement.

Travel Teacher's philosophy combines education and exploration. We provide volunteers with an opportunity to create global impact through participation in sustainable, ethical and meaningful volunteer expeditions in The South Pacific.

Volunteers that take part in a project make a invaluable contribution to a global community whilst developing as individuals, both personally and professionally.

While volunteering abroad in the South Pacific, you can play a crucial role in our education and community development projects in Fiji and The Cook Islands

The process is simple, you select your preferred destination and we will take you on an unforgettable journey. Opportunities for exploration will compliment your volunteer work and will assist in broadening horizons, gaining transferable skills and will also provide an unforgettable experience and lifelong memories.

Who volunteers with Travel Teacher?

Not just for teachers! Our global engagement projects are suited to individuals over the age of 17 that are willing to venture outside of their comfort zone. Students undertake volunteering with us as our projects not only allow them to see the world but it also provides invaluable career development opportunities at the same time.  Individuals embarking on a gap year see volunteering as a meaningful way of learning something new and inspiring others during their time abroad.  Industry professionals view our opportunities to teach abroad as an excellent opportunity to participate in continual professional development, if you are a current teaching professional, our projects provide an ideal opportunity for you to apply your knowledge and expertise in a diverse classroom environment whilst discovering some of the most beautiful places on earth.  We also deliver individualised volunteering projects for university and college groups which can contribute towards your degree or vocational qualification.


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Price details:

from £800

About Us

Since our formation in 2015, Travel Teacher has been dedicated to providing opportunities for volunteers to support the sustainability of our global projects and assist in creating impact through engagement.

A key component of the success of our small community stems from the desire of the participants who choose to join our projects and undertake a volunteering abroad experience in the South Pacific.

Pre Departure Preparation

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible quality training and preparation to allow our volunteers to feel confident when participating in global engagement through volunteering abroad in the South Pacific.  Our high quality, supportive pre departure preparation aims to maximise the personal learning and development experiences of our volunteers during their journey with us.

We aim to equip all volunteers with the technical skills to enable them to make a meaningful impact when engaging with students on their project.  Our introduction to teaching course covers the basic principals and practices of classroom engagement allowing our volunteers to feel confident and competent whilst out in the field.


Travel Teachers Impact Expedition will compliment your project work and will provide the opportunity for you as a volunteer to immerse yourself deep within the rich culture and tradition of your selected project destination and experience all the country has to offer.  Step off the beaten track, engage with local people, learn new skills and broaden your own horizons.

How will you make an impact?

As a volunteer in the field you will provide in class teaching support, ensuring that the students individual learning needs are catered for.  Your knowledge, enthusiasm and energy will transmit to the students and empower them to learn new skills, develop positive behaviours and become positive role models for their own communities.

How to apply

Step 1 - select your preferred destination
Select your preferred destination and we will take you on an unforgettable journey. Choose from our projects in Fiji and Aitutaki

Step 2 - Tell us about yourself
If you wish to apply to a Travel Teacher volunteer project abroad please complete and submit our online Application Form.

Step 3 - Submit deposit payment
After you have submitted your application you will receive a confirmation message in which you will be prompted to click and access the Payment Page to complete your registration. Please note that applications will not be processed before your registration payment of £50 has been made as per our Terms and Conditions.

Step 4 - Chat to a member of the Travel Teacher Team
After your application has been reviewed by our administration department you will be contacted by a member of staff who will conduct an informal interview, using your application to generate avenues of enquiry.  Please don’t worry about this phase - we are just interested in finding out more about your personality and character.

Step 5 - Get excited and start packing
Upon successful completion of our application process you will receive a letter of acceptance, confirming your place on a journey of a lifetime.


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