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Most Affordable Sports Volunteering

from £220
Duration: from 1 week to 24 weeks
Countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, Uganda
Discover the most affordable and trusted ways to get involved as a sports volunteer in over 7 countries worldwide...

Most Affordable Sports Volunteering

As an IVHQ Sports volunteer, you'll have the choice of working in a variety of environments across 9+ destinations around the world, with volunteer placement in local schools, after school programs, recreational groups and even a surf development centre!

IVHQ Sports volunteers require lots of energy and a passion for coaching, mentoring and playing sports. You’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the personal growth and confidence of local students and community members or the opportunity of teach a new sport!

Discover below 5 of the 9+ sports projects currently available to IVHQ volunteers. You can find the rest of the options on IVHQ's Sports page.

South Africa: Choose from two project locations including a local school or a surf development centre! Based in Muizenburg, volunteers can join the program for a duration of 1 to 24 weeks.
Brazil: Sport is a vital part of life in Brazil, especially the national sport of futebol! While volunteers don’t need to be the next sports star, they do need plenty of energy! Programs are based in Rio de Janeiro, and volunteers can join the program for a duration of 1 to 24 weeks.
Morocco: Volunteers in Morocco are contributing to the growth of sport in Moroccan culture through education and coaching a variety of sports including basketball, volleyball, soccer and athletics. Volunteers can join the program for a duration of 1 to 24 weeks.
Ghana: Combine your passion for children and sports in this exciting Sports volunteer project! Ghana is a popular option where volunteers encourage local children to work as a team and promote self confidence.

Discover the rest of the affordable sports volunteer options on IVHQ's website.

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Price details:

from £220

Program Fee Includes:

Accommodation, Three meals per day,  24/7 Staff Support, Orientation, Placement Supervision, Airport Pick-Up, Online Training module and Expert Pre-Planning Guidance and Support.

Start Date:

Programs typically start on the first and the third Monday of each month

Program Duration:

Program durations from 1 week to 24 weeks

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