Wildlife Rescue in Costa Rica

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Wildlife Rescue in Costa Rica

Duration: from 2 weeks to 12 weeks
Countries: Costa Rica
Join a wildlife rescue team and care for the animals in the sanctuary, home to a variety of animals including monkeys, sloths and anteaters that have been injured, orphaned or mistreated.

Wildlife Rescue in Costa Rica

Volunteer role:

The project provides a safe haven for over 50 animals and rescues a number of new animals each week. The hope for these newly rescued animals is that they can be treated in the on-site clinic and then quickly returned to the wild when they are healthy again. For those animals who are too badly injured or not able to be released for other reasons, they can be provided with a home at the sanctuary.

As a volunteer, your core role will focus on assisting in the sanctuary, tasks can include:

    Preparing food
    Providing water
    Feeding the animals
    Assisting with cleaning the enclosures
    Creating enrichments for the animals
    Maintenance work around the sanctuary

Depending on your skills and level of previous experience with animals and the needs of the project at the time, you may also assist in the nursery, rehabilitation area or clinic. This may include supervising and collecting data on animals who are due to be released.

How is the project making a difference?

The project’s mission is to protect Costa Rica’s diverse wildlife by rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife and where possible returning them to the wild. They also conduct scientific research and promote conservation by educating local and international visitors.

The project provides education about the ecological importance of the rainforest and has created programmes which preserve and protect both the rainforest and its wild inhabitants. They develop awareness of the critical importance of saving the rainforest for the survival of the planet and encourage ecological practices. There are numerous threats to the rainforest including burning, logging, mining, development and cattle farming. The project has created monkey corridors and carries out ongoing reforestation programmes as well as education initiatives in an attempt to relieve these pressures.

One example of their impact is their introduction of monkey bridges in the area’s national parks in order to protect the endangered titi monkeys. The leading cause of death in this species is electrocution by electric wires while crossing roads and being hit by cars. The project has erected numerous monkey bridges which allow a safe alternative for crossing the roads and there has now been an increase in their population numbers.

Why volunteers are needed:

Volunteers support the ongoing work at the project by providing an extra pair of hands to assist the local staff in caring for the animals in the sanctuary. This ensures that all of the animals receive optimum levels of care and can also be provided with enrichment.

Volunteers also carry out observations of the animals, both in the sanctuary and with the animals that are part of the release programme. By monitoring their behaviour, vital information regarding which animals are suitable candidates for release can be provided and ensures those that have gone through soft release are managing to care for themselves successfully. Within the sanctuary these observations can also help to identify animals that may be unwell so that they can receive veterinary treatment as soon as possible.

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“My experience was awesome! I expected to fall in love with some animals, but what I didn’t predict was how wonderful the people would be. I’ll never forget them and the beautiful animals they care for. I hope to return very soon!”

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