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Medical and Healthcare Internships

from £995
Duration: from 2 weeks to 12 months
Countries: South Africa
Are you looking to gain hands-on, professional work experience in the field of medicine or healthcare? Bridging Gaps offers a range of exciting and meaningful internships in Cape Town!

Medical and Healthcare Internships

Who is Bridging Gaps?

Take a big step towards a successful career with the help of Bridging Gaps. We facilitate tailored professional internships in Cape Town, where you will combine interning with a lifetime adventure!  We give access to a broad range of opportunities, and your placement will be based on your professional goals as well as skills or field of study. What’s more, we assist with the planning of your trip. Our supportive team will collaborate with you to ensure a totally unforgettable time in Cape Town!

*Please note, if you are a South African national you are ineligible for this programme due to legal requirements*

Medical and Healthcare Internships

In order to pursue any career in the field of healthcare, it is necessary to gain some kind of hands on work experience. The challenges which the healthcare system in South Africa faces on a daily basis provide an unparalleled learning environment for pre-medical students, medical students and qualified professionals.  As in most Government hospitals in the country, the lack of equipment and human resources, along with the high incidence of infectious diseases, means that interns will have the chance to work alongside specialists with very different skills and responsibilities.

Our healthcare programme in Cape Town provides an ideal opportunity to expand your knowledge, immerse yourself in and contribute tremendously to the Public health system of South Africa. We have opportunities in a variety of settings: hospitals, community clinics, research establishments, children’s homes and NGO’s.

Some of the meaningful and exciting healthcare internships we facilitate include;

• Clinical observation
• Nursing
• Dentistry
• Physiotherapy
• Psychology
• Occupational therapy
• Speech therapy
• Pharmacy
• Nutrition
• Health promotion and education

Programme Highlights:

1. Enjoy a customised internship experience.
2. Gain valuable, hands on work experience and expand on your existing skills and knowledge.
3. Work alongside and learn from inspiring professionals in the public healthcare system of South Africa.
4. Choose from a range of medical opportunities in a variety of healthcare settings.
5. Have a life changing experience!

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Further Details

More information about this gap year opportunity...

Price details:

from £995

Programme cost

We offer three main types of internship programme packages starting from as low as £995

Internship dates

All the internships we offer are completely flexible in terms of start date and length of stay in Cape Town


We offer three main types of accommodation suitable for people looking for different experiences of Cape Town:

1- A private or shared room in our Bridging Gaps apartment
2- A private or shared room in shared international intern house
3- A house share with a local Capetonian

Experience required


Programme open to

Worldwide participants excluding South African residents


We find you the best suitable internship placement in a wonderful local organisation.  We base our placement search on your skills, interests and personal and professional goals.
We guide you through all your pre-trip preparations including assistance with visas, insurance and flights.
We provide you with a comprehensive pre-trip preparation pack which includes information on transport in Cape Town, money, tipping, mobile phones, safety, weather, activities and tours, Garden Route travel, restaurants and bars and advice on what to pack.
We will introduce you to any other Bridging Gaps interns or volunteers who will be in Cape Town at the same time as you. Once you arrive in Cape Town you will be invited to join our Bridging Gaps group on Facebook as well as our current intern and volunteer whatsapp group. These groups are a great way of keeping in touch with other programme participants, sharing placement feedback and advice, arranging social events and keeping up to date with what is going on in Cape Town on a daily basis.
We will work closely with you to arrange the most suitable accommodation based on your preferences and needs.
We meet you at the airport when you arrive. Julian and Lucie will be in the arrivals hall holding a board with your name on it and once we have met you we will take you back to your accommodation and ensure you have everything you need for a settled first night in Cape Town.  We also take you back to the airport at the end of your stay.
Upon arrival you will be given Lucie and Julian’s personal cell numbers as well as the Bridging Gaps emergency phone number. We will be your 24 hour a day support system for your entire time in Cape Town. We both live very centrally so are never far away and we would be delighted to show you the hidden gems of Cape Town!
We will provide you with a local SIM card for your own personal use.
We will take you to your first day of placement to show you how the public transport route you will be using, works. We will introduce you to your supervisor and ensure you have everything you need for an exciting first day and then we will accompany you back to your accommodation.
We stay in regular contact with you to ensure you are benefiting and learning from your placement and it is the right organisation for you. We will also provide regular advice about how to make the most of your internship or volunteer programme.
You will be invited to our exciting weekly social events. Every weekend we will organise an event for all our programme participants to attend.


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