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Horse Riding Jobs at Summer Camp

from £349
Duration: 9 weeks
Countries: United States of America
Work in the USA at one of over 500 summer camps with children of all ages as a horse riding instructor. Gain over 800 hours experience as a horse riding instructor.

Horse Riding Jobs at Summer Camp

What does a Horse Riding instructor do?

Prepare to have one of the most special and rewarding jobs at summer camp. From hacking, trekking, to working in the yard and stable management - horse riding in America is very diverse and fun.  The riding program at each camp shall differ slightly depending on the camp itself - from general camps which have horses, where you can expect basic lessons for beginners, to dedicated horse riding camps where you may find yourself amidst show jumping competitions, dressage or even vaulting.

Most camps shall teach an English style of riding, although there are a few who will also bring in the western style.

Lessons will tend to be for around an hour long, with several sessions a day likely, where you will teach small groups of children at a time. The children will more than likely be at a beginner’s level and you will use your own experiences, along with the camp’s horse riding program, to help develop the children’s skills.

How do I become a horse riding instructor at camp?

Dedication and a love of horses. You should look to show your enthusiasm and commitment when applying to be a horse riding instructor, the role is demanding and you shall be expected to care for the horses outside your own teaching hours, from feeding to mucking out - it’s all hands on. Prior experience teaching horse riding, whether English or Western style is highly sought after at summer camp. Camps are looking for confident riders who are willing to get involved and go the extra bit.

Why should I teach horse riding?

Equestrian jobs at summer camp are incredibly fun - from going out with campers, to helping them progress on their skills and caring for the horses - this is the dream job for anyone who loves riding and would like the opportunity to teach horse riding abroad. Camps are always looking for more riders, so if this sounds like you then this is your chance!

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