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Multi-stop flights around the world

This is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about planning and booking a round the world ticket. Quick heads up: we use the terms ‘round the world’ and ‘multi-stop’ interchangeably – when it comes to flights, they basically mean the same thing!

A round the world ticket is designed to make lengthy, multi-destination trips as cheap and easy as possible. If you’re planning to fly to three or more destinations, it means you can get all your flights on a single ticket for one price. You don’t literally need to fly around the world. So if you flew LondonBangkokHanoiSingapore – London, a round the world ticket would include it all. These can be fully customised to suit your plans, include tours, overland travel, etc.

We’ve also selected our current top picks of round the world flights, which are awesome both in terms of routes and prices. Being part of Flight Centre Travel Group gives us access to some truly epic airfares, and our relationships with all the major airlines means that as a customer booking with us, you’re automatically a VIP and fully protected every step of the way.

Below are 10 frequently asked questions about multi-stop flights, covering everything from cost to routes to flexibility of these tickets.

Check out our round the world flight routes


Trans-Siberian Adventure

from £1099

30 days

China, Japan, Russia

Ever fancied doing the Trans-Siberian railway? Well, this is your chance. These flights are the perfect way to do that...

Pure Pacific

from £1295

From 30 days

Cook Islands, New Zealand, United States of Americ...

The quickest and best way to get to New Zealand just happens to be via the Cook Islands. Why not...

Cookin’ Up a Storm

from £1233

From 30 days

Cook Islands, Hong Kong, New Zealand, United State...

This deal has it all. America, a Pacific Island chain, the country with officially the world's most beautiful sight and...

Shanghai to Sydney

from £729

From 30 days

Australia, China

Take advantage of China's recently expanded 72 hour visa-free transit quota on your way and explore Shanghai before taking in...

The World Escape

from £1579

From 30 days

Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, United ...

The best way to see North America and maybe even squeeze in a ski season, before heading to Australia to...

Volcano Surfing & Southern Skiing

from £1945

14 - 360 days

Australia, Chile, Colombia, New Zealand, Nicaragua...

A real flight deal for the intrepid gappers out there. Start off in Nicaragua for some volcano surfing, before heading...

The Southern Explorer

from £3405

From 30 days

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong, Japan, Peru, ...

Visit mysterious Easter Island, idyllic Tahiti, explore South America, experience the wonderfully different world that is Japan before finishing up...

Essential African Overlander

from £860

14 - 120 days

Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia

There's really only one way to explore Africa - overland. The place was pretty much invented for it. So, we've...

The Next Adventure

from £1675

21 - 360 days

Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, South A...

Travel from the plains of South Africa to the bustle of Singapore and then on to beautiful New Zealand before...

The Ultimate Roadtripper

from £1899

21 - 360 days

Australia, Kenya, New Zealand, South Africa, Unite...

Head overland from Nairobi to Jo'burg, Cairns to Sydney and Los Angeles to New York. We've basically put together all...


Arctic Highlights

from £3849

Sailing from Spitsbergen to Greenland, follow the ice’s edge with an eye peeled to the horizon for wildlife. Navigating south,...

Thailand and Laos Adventure

from £849

From the energy of Bangkok to the calm of Laos, this trip is a study in contrasts. Visit temples in...

Best of Argentina, Uruguay & Brazil

from £1215

Hug the coastline of eastern South America on this amazing unplugged adventure. Discover an array of colourful Argentinean attractions, travel...

Galápagos Land & Sea — Central & East Islands aboard the Monserrat

from £1754

Curious to explore the Galápagos but don't have a whole lot of time? Step aboard the roomy Monserrat and join...

Galápagos — West, Central and East Islands aboard the Monserrat

from £2744

It’s virtually impossible to witness the wonders of the Galápagos first-hand and not return home a devoted conservationist. Board the...

Chiang Mai & Golden Triangle

from £500

Experience the serenity of northern Thailand while exploring the notorious Golden Triangle region. Beginning and ending in the charismatic city...

Costa Rica Adventure

from £895

If you’re looking for a taste of Costa Rica’s world-class highlights but want to keep things spicy with a sampling...

Iceland Explorer

from £879

Like something out of a fairytale, Iceland’s collection of geysers, glaciers, waterfalls, and fjords are both awe-inspiring and unusual; the...

Ultimate African Adventure 39 Day

from £1300

Searching for the perfect antidote to the dreaded nine to five? Leave your cares at the office door as you...

Western Borneo Experience

from £719

This eight-day journey is perfect for the nature lover who wants to experience the beauty of Borneo while trekking and...

Articles and advice for air travel


What is a round the world ticket?

A round the world ticket is a single ticket which covers you for a minimum of three and a maximum of 15 flights. Also known as a multi-stop ticket, they are typically valid for a year from the date of your first flight. Most will include travel with several different international airlines, like Emirates, British Airways and Qantas.

Why buy a round the world ticket?

Buying your flights in bulk under a single ticket almost always works out cheaper than buying the flights individually. Also, unlike single-stop tickets, round the world flights can be quite complicated to put together, so it’s best to speak to one of our travel experts for help.

How much does a round the world ticket cost?

The price of your ticket will depend on where you want to go, but one thing to keep in mind is that they are usually much cheaper than most people assume. The cheapest multi-stop flight tickets start at a few hundred pounds, but the typical cost is around £1200-£1500.

Do I have to travel all the way around the world?

Nope! One of the biggest misconceptions of round the world tickets is that your route has to literally circumnavigate the globe (to be fair, that is what the name suggests!). While many routes do indeed go all the way around the world, there are lots of options that allow you to come back on yourself. So for example, the route: London > Bangkok > Sydney > Dubai > London would be a multi-stop flight that ends up doubling back. Imagine a U-turn on a planetary scale.

Check out our frequently asked questions about round the world tickets for more info.

What are the major air transport hubs?

Almost every country in the world has an international airport, meaning you have a near infinite choice when planning your multi-stop flight route. However, some countries and regions are much more established on the backpacker trail than others, so we have listed these below in terms of major flight hubs.

Cities with major international airports in Asia-Pacific

  • Sydney, Melbourne, Perth (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand)

Cities with major international airports in North America

Cities with major international airports in South East Asia

  • Bangkok (Thailand), Hanoi (Vietnam), Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Cities with major international airports in Africa

  • Cape Town (South Africa), Nairobi (Kenya), Accra (Ghana)

Cities with major international airports in South America

  • Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Santiago (Chile), Lima (Peru), Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Cities with major international airports in South Asia

Cities with major international airports in Central America

  • Panama City (Panama), San Jose (Costa Rica)

Cities with major international airports in the Far East

Cities with major international airports in the Middle East

Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Doha (Qatar), Tel Aviv (Israel)

How to use a round the world trip planner?

When planning your round the world trip you have two options – to literally fly all the way around the world, or to fly to a point and make your way back on yourself. To keep costs down you should aim to travel through major transport hubs, as listed above. Check out our round the world trip planner below to start playing around with a potential itinerary.

Can I still travel overland?

Definitely – in fact, we’d recommend it! While flights are convenient for covering huge distances in a short time, nothing can replace the excitement and satisfaction of travelling overland using a country’s local transport. Our travel experts can easily tailor a ticket which allows you to enter a country through one airport and depart from a different one, at no additional cost. So for example, you could enter Malaysia through Kuala Lumpur airport, travel overland from there to Thailand, and leave Thailand through Bangkok.

Are round the world tickets flexible?

Yes, very! When you buy your ticket, specific dates will need to be laid out. However, these can be altered as and when you please once your travels have begun. Sometimes there will be a small fee to do this – about £30 – but often it’ll be possible to do it for free. And it’s not only your dates you can alter – you can also alter your actual destinations, within reason. There will be a fee for actual reroutes, but again, it will be small – certainly much less than buying new flights!

How can I pass the time on long flights?

The vast majority of long haul flights have superb ways to fill the time. Usually you’ll have your own in-flight entertainment system, which is a personal screen filled with more TV shows, films, music and games than you could ever get through even on the longest flight! It’s also a good idea to bring a guidebook for the destination you’re flying into – nothing like a bit of travel inspiration en route! You’ll be amazed at how quickly the time goes.

How do I time my round the world trip?

When planning your round the world trip it’s important to be mindful of events and seasons. For example, you’ll probably want to avoid taking any flights around the Christmas and New Year periods, as they are much more expensive. Same often goes for school holidays. In terms of seasons, again, you’ll need to be aware that some parts of the world aren’t much fun at certain times of the year. Let’s say you want to hike the Inca Trail. There’s not much point showing up between January and March, because that’s the wet season in Peru and the trail is closed during these months for conservation work.

For more information on this, check out our guide to round the world tickets.

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