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Volcano Surfing & Southern Skiing

Volcano Surfing & Southern Skiing
From £1945
Duration 14 - 360 Days
From £1945
Duration 14 - 360 Days
A real flight deal for the intrepid gappers out there. Start off in Nicaragua for some volcano surfing, before heading down to Chile to ski in the Andes and then NZ and beyond for more snow!

Every fancied surfing your way down a black volcano, cruising over the volcano ash in a bright orange jump suit? Not something we’d ever thought of either, but it sounds awesome. Then, how about heading from Nicaragua overland down through Central America, hop over the Darien Gap (you could sail it from Panama to Colombia…) to Colombia, spend some time there and then one final stop in South America – Chile.
You may not know it, but Chile has some of the best skiing in the Southern Hemisphere. So, if you time it right, you could be skiing in July and August. There aren’t many people who can say they’ve done that!
As if that wasn’t enough, you can then wing your way over to New Zealand and ski in places like Wanaka, the Remarkables, Mount Hutt and more! One final snowy stop on this epic trip round the world – Australia. Yup, strewth, snow mate! Australia has some pretty cool off track skiing in a variety of places and these flights are ideal to get you there in time to carve it up!
Finally, head over to Southern Africa, fly into Jo’burg and then head up to Windhoek in Namibia to sandboard down the biggest sand dunes in the world!!
Honestly, if that doesn’t hook you adrenaline junkies, we don’t know what will. Give our experts a call to get surfing now!

Experience Round the World Tickets
Region Africa, Australasia, Central America, South America
Country Australia, Chile, Colombia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, South Africa

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