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Nightlife in India

Nightlife in India

If you want a night out in India you better put your dancing shoes on early. Due to curfews nightlife in India is commonly early to start and early to end. Although Mumbai has the largest amount of clubs in the country you will be hard pushed to find one open after 1.30am and Delhi is not much better. ChennaiBangalore, and Hyderabad have the worst nightlife scenes, with curfews ranging from 11-11.30pm. You may also be surprised to note that most places in Goa actually shut by 10pm due to noise restrictions.
If you want to party your best bet is to start early, most venues around India will be open as it’s their way to make money around the curfews. If that isn’t good enough you can spend your nights in Goa in search of the underground scene of outdoor psychedelic trance parties. These have built up a great reputation amongst young tourists in India; however be warned that there are tough regulations in place and police will shut it down if the bribe money isn’t appropriately paid.
Trance party

Pubs and bars

Due to Indian tradition and religions you will notice that the bars here can be put into two categories. Cheap, seedy, run-down bars that are mainly full of India’s male population and then classer venues aimed at the middle to upper-class citizens of India – commonly found in major cities. You’re best off going to one of the latter; although they are classy the price of alcohol will still be cheaper than UK prices. Before you do decide to head to a bar make sure you like Kingfisher beer, as this is the beer of choice in the majority of bars across India.
Keep your eyes peeled for the term ‘restro-bar’, which simply means restaurants that serve alcohol; as many restaurants in India do not. If you head down to the hip area of Bandra in Mumbai you will find Escobar – which is a good example of this term.
Bandra is a great place to head to if you want trendy bars, Colaba is another great cosmopolitan area in Mumbai. As you are probably already aware, Goa is renowned for its excessive amount of bars and clubs as well as being the only state in India with casinos. Be sure to get started with a shot of their famous Feni!
If live music is what you want then Mumbai is the place to go; it has many busy traveller ‘hangouts’ with cheap beer accompanied by a lively atmosphere. Great rock bands can also be found in Delhi and Goa.

Places to check out

            Name                   Destination      What for?

  • WTF                          Mumbai          Live Music
  • Leopold Café          Mumbai          Restro-Bar
  • Toto’s Garage         Mumbai          Clubbing
  • Blue Frog                 Delhi               Live music
  • Agni                           Delhi               Bar
  • Float                          Delhi               Club
  • Tito’s                         Goa                 Live Music
  • Club 9                       Goa                 Psytrance Bar
  • Bardo                        Goa                 Beach Club


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