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Adventures in London, Paris & Italy

Experience Europe

Adventures in London, Paris & Italy
From £21000
Duration 7 - 84 Days
From £21000
Duration 7 - 84 Days
Join us for this great European adventure; 2 weeks in London, 1 week in Paris, 1 week in South of France, 2 weeks in Tuscany followed by our famous six week Italian expedition.
 Starting college in the spring or taking a Gap Year?

Why not kick start your time doing something worthwhile with this amazing leap into European culture.
The course begins in September and travels from London to Paris to Italy over 90 days offering a unique opportunity to take up themes particularly relevant to each city. The course builds to a crescendo of knowledge and understanding of Europeand the classical tradition.
The 12 weeks comprise:

  • two weeks in London and the English countryside, focussing on art, power and the nature of European politics.
  • one week in Paris and four days in the South of France studying modernism.
  • two weeks of cultural immersion through Italian language learning and a home-stay in the beautiful hilltop town of Montepulciano, Tuscany. We also take this time to study other aspects of Italian culture, such as cookery, film and drawing.
  • The Semester Program then joins our autumn Gap Course for an in-depth exploration of Italy and European civilisation – six weeks travelling through Rome, Naples, Siena, Florence, Verona and Venice.


Students need to be able to hear and join in discussions. Tutors need to be approachable, engaging and fun. When occasionally, because of the crowds, we gain private access to important sites, this is to improve the learning environment.

  • Some sessions are not about art history but are simply for fun; paper marbling in Florence, mask decorating in Venice, cooking in Siena
  • Italian language sessions at the beginning of the course so students can learn good manners in Italian! We do not offer Italian classes throughout because there is not enough time
  • informal drawing sessions and there is usually an artist amongst the tutors to help people draw more: we consider draughtsmanship as another language
  • individual tutorials to students to monitor their studies and to encourage them so we are sure everyone is getting the most from the course
  • we view the history of art to include garden history, mosaics, textiles, the decorative arts, drawings and prints aside from art, architecture and sculpture
Experience Study Abroad
Region Europe
Country France, Italy, United Kingdom

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Travel with us to Italy to be blown away by the greatest minds, works and concepts in European history. This is not just a European city tour, but a life-changing experience that you will carry to the grave.
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