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Short-Term University Study in New Zealand

Try a Tester Semester!

Short-Term University Study in New Zealand
From £7000
Duration 120 Days
From £7000
Duration 120 Days
Tester semester allows you to enroll at a New Zealand university for just one term. If you are trying to work out whether going to university is right for you, try a semester in New Zealand?

You might do this to prepare for future university applications or enrolments back home. Or to try out different subjects. Or because you’re thinking of enrolling in a full degree at a New Zealand university, but you want to try before you commit!

You can choose to take four papers (courses) in a semester, or go for the study-internship option (two papers plus a supervised internship paper). As long as you have the right academic background, you can choose courses from any area of the university.

Subject areas available include art and design; business; creative technologies; communication studies; education; engineering, computer and mathematical sciences; health sciences; hospitality, tourism and events; language and culture; law; science; social sciences and public policy; sport and recreation; and Te Ara Poutama – Maori Development.

So whether you’re interested in ‘Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ or ‘Japanese Religions and the Samurai’ – or want to study both – this is your chance to create a unique mix of courses according to your interests!

Why do a tester semester in New Zealand?

  • Study in the beautiful city of Auckland – the ‘City of Sails’
  • Great opportunity to get a taste of university life in a relaxed environment with a fantastic student lifestyle
  • Try different subjects to work out which might be the degree subject for you
  • Study your chosen subject from a different cultural, historical and geographic perspective
  • Earn a valuable point of difference on your CV

What happens if I love it and want to stay?

That’s all good – you will be able to apply to transfer into a Bachelor degree at the university. As long as your A-levels (or IB, or BTEC) meet their entry requirements, you’ll be offered a place and – depending on the courses you’ve taken during tester semester – might be eligible for academic credit toward your degree. In a perfect scenario, that might mean that you’re already one semester through the six required to graduate!

What happens if I love it, but still want to leave after tester semester?

No worries. You’ll leave after your semester of study and carry on with your gap year, safe in the knowledge that you’ve done some excellent preparation (both academic and personal!) for any future university study you do back home in the UK and with a valuable international study experience under your belt.

Experience Study Abroad
Region Australasia
Country New Zealand

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