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From £1349
Duration 26 Days
From £1349
Duration 26 Days
Dive into the rich, vibrant and diverse culture of India with our 26-day adventure tour. Covering both the north and the south of the country, this adventure has it all. Explore India’s iconic major...

Covering both the north and the south of the country, this adventure has it all. Explore India’s iconic major landmarks, World Heritage ancient ruins, glorious Goan beaches and abundance of delicious food. From bustling cities to rural villages, our Adventure Leaders take you off-the-beaten-track as you explore all that India has to offer.

Day 1: Delhi

  • Meet your guide at 7pm at the hostel for a pre-departure briefing
  • Take a 5-minute walk to New Delhi Station
  • Board the 8.40pm overnight train to Varanasi

Day 2-3: Varanasi

  • Arrive in Varanasi, meet your new Adventure Leader and make your way to the hostel
  • Optional: Explore the excavated ruins and deer park at the Sarnath Buddhist and Hindu archaeological site (200 INR)
  • Optional: Take a walk around the city’s old town and pay a visit to the Blue Lassi store
  • Enjoy a relaxing boat ride down the River Ganges as you tour Varanasi’s ancient Ghats. Finish the tour watching the Ganga Aarti ceremony
  • Get to know your fellow travellers over your first group dinner
  • Optional: Watch the sunrise during an early morning Ghat boat tour (100-200 INR dependent on numbers)
  • Transfer to the airport to catch a flight to Agra

Day 4-5: Agra

  • Optional: Watch the Mohabbat The Taj Show at Kalakriti Cultural & Convention Centre (1500 INR)
  • Optional: Visit Agra Fort and cross the river to the ruins of the Black Taj foundations (950 INR)
  • Optional: Interact with the local community in a nearby village (1500 INR)
  • Experience a spectacular sunrise over the Taj Mahal
  • Return to the hostel ready for a private transfer to Jaipur

Day 6-7: Jaipur

  • Arrive and check-in to your accommodation
  • Optional: Visit Nahargarh Fort for panoramic views of the city (200 INR)
  • Optional: Explore Amber Fort and the nearby Monkey Temple (200 INR)
  • Optional: Join an art class at the Creatis Studio (1000 INR)
  • Optional: Treat your taste buds to a food tour of the city (200 INR)
  • Enjoy a private guided tour of the Pink City, including the City Palace and its grounds
  • Free time to explore further
  • Board the 11.45pm overnight train to Jaisalmer

Day 8-9: Jaisalmer

  • Arrive in Jaisalmer and transfer to the Adventure Safari company house
  • Shower, rest and eat lunch nearby (at own expense)
  • At 3.30pm, drive by jeep an hour into the desert
  • Begin your Camel Safari with a short ride to the campsite and enjoy a cooked vegetarian dinner around the campfire
  • Wake up for sunrise over the sand dunes
  • Embark on a longer camel trek to a desert village for a tour
  • Head back into the city to freshen up at the company house
  • Optional: Pay a visit to Jaisalmer Fort (600 INR)
  • Optional: Visit Gadsisar Sagar Lake and the nearby viewpoint (100 INR for viewpoint)
  • Get picked up from the hostel at 4pm and take a private transfer to Jodhpur
  • Arrive at your new accommodation at approx. 10pm

Day 10: Jodhpur

  • Optional: Test your nerves on a flying fox zip wire over Mehrangarh Fort (1999 INR)
  • Optional: Join a Krishna cooking workshop and learn to cook ten traditional dishes (1500 INR)
  • Meet in the hostel at 4pm for a guided walking tour of the Blue City. Finish the tour at Toorji Step Well where you can have a drink at the cafe

Day 11-12: Udaipur

  • Catch an 8am bus to Udaipur, arriving at the hostel in the early afternoon
  • Optional: Explore the Old City and City Palace (outside 30 INR, entry 300 INR)
  • Meet your guide at 5pm to catch the sunset as you take a boat cruise on Lake Pichola, where you can get the best views of the palace and old town
  • Optional: Enjoy a group dinner at the lakeshore restaurant (300-500 INR)
  • Optional: Volunteer for a few hours at a local animal rescue, Animal Aid (600 INR for a rickshaw group of 3)
  • Optional: Get creative at one of the local workshops, including art (250 INR per hour), henna (75 INR upwards), sitar or Indian drums (900 INR), or yoga (pay as you see fit)
  • Hop on the 9.30pm overnight train to Mumbai

Day 13-15: Mumbai

  • Continue your train ride throughout the morning
  • Arrive in Mumbai at approximately 2pm and head to the hostel
  • Enjoy a free afternoon to relax
  • Meet your guide at 5pm for a pre-departure briefing at the hostel
  • Get to know your fellow travellers over a group dinner
  • Optional: Experience the bustling city at night with a pub crawl (600 INR)
  • Explore the city of Mumbai with a walking tour taking you to the Gate of Mumbai and the Taj Mahal Palace hotel
  • Optional: Pay a visit to the Dhobi Ghat laundromat
  • Optional: Shatter your expectations with a tour of the Dharavi slum (500 INR)
  • Transfer to the airport and catch a flight to Goa

Day 16-18: Goa

  • Land in Goa and transfer to your accommodation, where you will arrive at approx. 6pm
  • Enjoy a free day relaxing on the beach or explore the Portuguese colonial buildings in the Old City
  • Optional: Experience a night out in India’s famous party state (at your own expense)
  • Make the most of another free day rejuvenating or exploring
  • Optional: Kayak through Goa’s rivers and backwaters (2833 INR)
  • Transfer to the station to catch a train to Hospet

Day 19-20: Hampi

  • Arrive in Hospet and transfer to your accommodation in Hampi
  • Walk through the city ruins to Sunset Point for the best panoramic views of the area
  • Optional: Help the local temple give their resident elephant its daily bath in the Tungabhadra River (dependent on availability)
  • Set off on a day tour of Hampi taking you to the local rice fields and the heritage village of Anegundi
  • Stop for a picnic-style lunch on the banks of the river
  • Continue your day tour, take a boat ride across the river to visit Vijaya Vittala Temple and Virupaksha Temple
  • Return to the hostel and enjoy a free evening
  • Make the most of a free day to explore the rest of the Old City or any other recommended activities from your guide
  • Take a private transfer from the hostel to Hospet Train Station
  • Board the 9.10pm overnight train to Bangalore

Day 21: Bangalore

  • Arrive in Bangalore at approx. 6am and transfer directly to the hostel
  • At 9am, begin a day tour of local Bangalore and trace the journey of Indian silk from cocoon to sarees
  • Catch the action at Mulberry Silk Cocoon Market, pay a visit to the villages where silkworms grow and visit the workplaces of a traditional weaver of silk sarees
  • Visit the Folklore Museum and learn about tribal art forms
  • Stop by a toy-making factory and pay a visit to a local village to watch traditional toymakers use simple hand techniques
  • Return back to the hostel in the evening
  • At 8am, take a private transfer to Bangalore airport to catch a flight to Kochi

Day 22-23: Munnar

  • Land in Kochi at midday and transfer to your accommodation at a campsite, where you will arrive at approx. 5pm
  • Catch the sunrises over the Papathy Shola
  • Spend your days explore the beautiful surroundings with a forest cycling loop and Shola Mountain Trek
  • Watch the sunsets over the nearby Anaerangal Lake
  • Enjoy dinner around a campfire
  • Transfer back to Kochi at 9am

Day 24-26: Kochi

  • Arrive in Kochi, check in to your accommodation and grab some lunch (at your own expense)
  • Embark on an orientation walk of the city, taking you to the Chinese fishing boats, the Jewish quarter and Paradesi Synagogue
  • Continue your walking tour to Mattancherry Palace and Santa Crux Cathedral Basilica
  • Optional: Watch a Kathakali dance show. Head to the theatre an hour early to watch the actors paint their faces behind the scenes (350 INR)
  • At 8.30am, embark on a day tour of the region’s backwaters
  • Take a tour of one of the local villages
  • Cruise along the backwaters by boat
  • Stop for lunch at a local restaurant before heading back to the hostel
  • Optional: Watch a Kalaripayattu martial arts show (350 INR)
  • Optional: Enjoy a group dinner on your final night (500-1000 INR)
  • Say goodbye to your guide and fellow travellers and finish up your Dragon Trip tour. We wish you safe travels!
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