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Africa Tours & Adventures

Guided backpacker experiences in Africa

The backpacker tours you can do on your gap year in Africa are almost as diverse as the continent itself. Africa in general is often simplified to one place in the world’s press (and certain Christmas charity singles), making it easy to forget that the UK can fit inside mainland Africa over 120 times.

The unfortunate result of this is that the whole continent has something of an unfortunate, unearned reputation in the western consciousness. Anyone who has actually travelled to Africa, whether it was a single country or across the continent, will tell you of its staggering diversity of places, peoples, and cultures – a place that really needs to be experienced before you can begin to understand it.


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Touring Africa

Many African backpacker tours focus on the continent’s extraordinary diversity of wildlife, offering opportunities to see the classic ‘Big Five’ animals – the elephant, rhino, leopard, lion, and buffalo. You might also see giraffe, zebra, or gorillas, depending where you go and on your luck. The most popular wildlife destinations in Africa are Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, and Kenya.

Kenya is also a brilliant destination for more culturally focused backpacker tours, which take you into the heart of traditional tribes and communities – in Kenya’s case, the famous Masai Mara.

North Africa is also a popular region for backpackers, with huge numbers heading to Egypt and Morocco every year. Egypt is famous for its incredible ancient history, including the iconic Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and the Valley of the Kings. Morocco might not boast anything quite as legendary, but nevertheless captivates visitors year after year with its souks, incredible landscapes of desert and mountains, and beautiful mosques.

While some African countries, like Mali, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Liberia are currently off limits to tourists, most countries are perfectly safe and have been for years. It’s impossible to summarise the entirety of Africa in a single intro – we haven’t even mentioned Madagascar! – and near-impossible to see all of it in a single trip. Think carefully about what aspect of this multi-faceted continent you want to experience, and then look at the great tours we have available here to make it a reality.

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