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Technically Australasia is comprised of many countries, but for our purposes there are just two that dominate the scene when it comes to backpacker tours: Australia and New Zealand (honourable mention to Fiji, we mean no disrespect, bro).

There’s a reason these countries – particularly Australia – are so popular with young travellers despite being almost unconscionably far away. Neither has a language barrier for UK travellers, and both have incredibly well-developed tourist infrastructure and a frankly stupid amount of things to see and do. So many, in fact, that travelling there independently can be an overwhelming experience. You could spend a lifetime trying to see everything Australia and New Zealand have to offer between them. Tours are a great way to condense the very best bits into one convenient package, and remove any stress involved in seeing them. Ripper.


Awesome tours in Australia & New Zealand


Ultimate Explorer

from £2150

28 days

New Zealand

Top rated by National Geographic this is the best way to explore the outdoor beauty and excitement of New Zealand....

Hot Rocks – North Island Adventure

from £900

9 - 10 days

New Zealand

Experience the best of the North Island on this unique tour which combines accommodation in stunning locations with optional activities,...

Ultimate New Zealand Gap Year

from £510

8 days

New Zealand

Our Ultimate NZ working holiday package will blow your mind! Experience a week of fun with people from all over...

Southern Light – South Island

from £1188

9 - 10 days

New Zealand

If your visiting the South islands and want a shorter trip that ensures you will enjoy New Zealand’s finest natural...

Grand Traverse – Both Islands

from £1400

15 days

New Zealand

In 2 weeks launching from Auckland you will see the best of both islands with a unique combination of camping...

Summer Blast – South Island

from £1687

16 - 19 days

New Zealand

Experience the best of the South Island on this all points covered tour with stunning accommodation, amazing hikes, awesome bike...

Wild West – South Island

from £860

8 - 9 days

New Zealand

This trip is a hidden gem demonstrating just how beautiful and diverse new Zealand can get. Part of this trip...

Reverse Traverse – Both Islands

from £1300

14 - 450 days

New Zealand

Experience both islands starting from South to North. Combine amazing national parks with accommodation in stunning locations and heaps of...

Ultimate Explorer – Total New Zealand

from £2300

27 - 28 days

New Zealand

Quite possibly the best way you can see the real NZ and top rated by National Geographic. This trip combines...

Northern Wanderer – North Island

from £905

8 days

New Zealand

If you’re coming to the North Island and have limited time, read on! The Northern Wanderer tour is a jam...

Articles about Australia, New Zealand & Fiji


Touring Australasia

Although there are tours that will take you to multiple countries in Australasia, you’re more likely to see them individually. Australia is so big that you can comfortably spend a year there and not see anywhere near all of it. Popular tours include travelling deep into the Red Centre to see the natural wonder of Uluru, heading out to dive or snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, or exploring the iconic city of Sydney in New South Wales. Tours up and down either coast are also popular.

New Zealand isn’t quite so vast, but it still packs an impressive amount into its two islands. Auckland and Wellington will be your main city stops, but it’s really all about the natural wonders here – Milford Sound, Rotorua, Fox Glacier, Tongariro National Park, Bay of Islands… we’d be here a long time if we tried to list them all. Expect tours to be active. If you’re into extreme activities, pick a tour that takes you to Queenstown, world capital of bungee jumps, skydives, and anything else that’ll make you vomit from the adrenaline high.

If you need time to recover after all of that, the beaches of Fiji are waiting for you not too far away (told you we hadn’t forgotten about it).

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