Backpacking Tour of Japan

13 day tour

Backpacking Tour of Japan
From £1599 - 1699
Duration 13 Days
From £1599 - 1699
Duration 13 Days
Join our 13 day adventure, starting from Tokyo, and find out why travelers love Japanl! This affordable tour is carefully created to make sure that your experience is unique and authentic.

tour japanAre you looking to explore Japan without spending a fortune? Look no further. Where ancient history blends with modern culture, Japan is a fascinating country to explore. This affordable, fun-filled tour will take you to the sites that cannot be missed, while also providing you with unique experiences that will make your trip truly memorable!

Day 1 to 4 – Tokyo Start the adventure in legendary Tokyo. From neon lights and the giant Godzilla to the tranquil temples, experience first-hand the city of contrasts.
Day 5 – Kamakura Leave modern Tokyo and head to the medieval coastal city. This city is renowned for being an popular surfing area.
Day 6 – Hakone – To the west if Japan is the mountainous region that is home to Mount Fiji and stunning hot springs.
tour japanDay 7 to 10 – Kyoto – The old capital of Japan is Kyoto. Based on the island of Honshu, this city has many Buddhist temples and traditional wooden houses. Head to the Geisha District and experience Japan’s favorite past-time – karaoke.
Day 11 – Hiroshima – Destroyed by and atomic bomb during World War 2, Hiroshima is now home to the Peace Memorial Park which commemorates the event.
Day 12 to 13– Osaka – A large port city – is a modern metropolis which also has some of Japan’s oldest Shinto shrines. This is the final stop on the tour.
On the last day, you will meet the group for brunch for your last farewells. You will have a Japan Rail Pass which will expires at the end of day thirteen so you can use it to get the bullet train back to Tokyo, the airport, or anywhere else in Japan!

For the full itinerary, click ‘more info’.

What's Included

  • Accommodation
Experience Tours
Region Asia
Country Japan

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