Ban Jabo Thailand Hilltribe Trek

Ban Jabo Thailand Hilltribe Trek
From £ 212
Duration 5 Days
From £211.65GBP - 302685KRW
Duration 5 Days

You can’t get a greater appreciation for the diverse culture and gorgeous scenery of Thailand than by trekking up into the mountains to meet its remote hilltribe communities. And that’s just what this five-day adventure delivers. Head out from wondrous Chiang Mai and through a national park to Lahu and Karen villages, spend time with a shaman, explore deep caves by bamboo raft, and marvel at the lush jungle scenery before arriving at the hilltop village of Ban Jabo and the warmest of welcomes. This is Thailand as it’s been for centuries. Come back in time with us.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Chiang Mai

Arrive at any time. Included Activities: Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting

Day 2 Chiang Mai/Ban Pha Mon (1B, 1L, 1D)

Tucked away in the hills of northern Thailand is where the most colourful and unchanged traditional communities can be found. Trek through forests and rural terrains to visit some of these diverse hilltribe villages; often, each will have their own unique language, clothing style, and belief system that differs significantly from those of neighbouring tribes. You are well looked after by your CEO and local guides, who take the responsibility of preparing all meals and carrying food supplies. Additional Notes: The exact itinerary of the walking on this trip may change from time to time, taking into account the weather and local conditions. Also, please note there may be times when the use of video and/or still cameras may be inappropriate -- your CEO and guides will be able to advise you. Be prepared for the accommodation to be basic; remember, it's all about an authentic and unique experience! Included Activities: Hilltribe Trek Day 1 Ban Pha Mon Homestay

Day 3 Ban Pha Mon/Ban Muang Pam (1B, 1L, 1D)

Trek for about six hours and between villages, over farmlands and grasslands and acend to the ridgeline. Learn about bush medicine, seasonal fruits and plants and seeds. Slip on your wet shoes and descend to the Huew Hin Poon Creek for lunch. Here, go for a swim and help the local guides make a friction fire and prepare lunch. Continue another hour and a half to the jungle Buddhist temple outside the second village. Spend the night in the Karen village learn about wood carving, weaving and cooking. Opt to learn about medicine from a shaman or play football with the locals. Included Activities: Hilltribe Trek Day 2 Ban Muang Pam Homestay

Day 4 Ban Muang Pam/Ban Jabo (1B, 1L, 1D)

After breakfast, leave the village and continue on, trekking beside the Pam River through lush jungle. Arrive at Tham Lod, a 1666m deep cave. Enter by bamboo raft and move to different chambers - a truly unique experience. Following the cave visit and lunch travel to Ban Jabo, a Black Lahu village. Learn about the Lahu culture, try out some traditional activities, and lend a hand making dinner using regional products and cooking methods. Included Activities: Hilltribe Trek Day 3 Prehistoric Wooden Coffin Cave Visit Ban Jabo Homestay

Day 5 Ban Jabo/Chiang Mai (1B)

Following breakfast, bid farewell to your hosts and return by private van to Chiang Mai, arriving at approximately 3pm. Tour ends on arrival. Included Activities: Departure Day (Activities)

Region Asia
Country Thailand

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