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Inca Trail Trek

Inca Trail Trek
From £767
Duration 4 Days
From £767
Duration 4 Days
Embark on a unique trek to discover for yourself the amazing Machu Picchu ruins of the Inca empire, a mystical civilisation that disappeared with the Spanish conquests.

What is the Inca Trail?
This traditional trail trek is 82 kilometres long and follows the original journey explorer Hiram Bingham took when he discovered the Machu Picchu ruins.
The Inca Trail is the only route which allows you to enter the famous Machu Picchu site.
The Inca Trail takes four days to complete.
The final day has options for returning to Cuzco by train or a small descent to the local town of Aguas Calientes for time to rest and relax.
Alternate trekking routes are available should you prefer a shorter trek.
What Will You Be Doing?
Day 1:
The trail will begin at Piscacucho. You will hike along the rolling hills in the Vilcanota River Valley passing several small archaeological sites along the way. You will reach Wayllabamba camp at 2,980m by the end of the day.
Day 2:
The most challenging day of the trail, you will make a vertical hike of 6km to reach Dead Woman’s Pass at 4,215m. Then you’ll take a 3km hike down stone steps to reach Pacaymayo camp at 3,600m. This day will provide stunning vistas of snow capped mountain peaks and roaring waterfalls.
Day 3:
You’ll start the day with an uphill visit to the Pacaymayo archaeological site. Afterwards you’ll go an hour further to Runkurakay Pass the mountain summit where you’ll experience incredible views. From there you’ll go to two more archaeological sites, Sayacmarca & Phuyupatamarca. By late afternoon you’ll reach Wiñayhuayna High Jungle camp (2,650m) set above a river valley in a high jungle climate.
Day 4:
Hitting the trail early in the morning you’ll head to Wiñaywayna checkpoint. Passing through the gate you’ll make an hour long trek to reach the Sun Gate. Here you’ll witness the first light of day breaking over the increible Machu Picchu ruins. For forty minutes you’ll trek the final stretch of the trail before reaching the Machu Picchu archaeological complex. Here you’ll go on a two hour guided tour and learn about the history of this incredible Inca citadel. You’ll then have free time to explore and take photos until your heart’s content.
Post Tour:
If you’re feeling adventurous, take an optional trek to Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain (must be booked in advance). When you’re ready to head back down to Aguas Calientes, there are buses departing every 15 minutes from the entrance or you can choose to hike down the 1.5-hour walking trail to Aguas Calientes town. You’ll make your own way back to the accommodation of your choice.
Why the Inca Trail is Better with Bamba:

  • Bamba offers everything from the classic Inca Trail trek to alternative trekking routes such as shorter tours or tours by train to Machu Picchu. All of them allowing you the chance to view this breathtaking site (whether up close or from a vista).
  • Alternate treks include: Lares, Salkantay and Jungle Adventure routes.
  • All Bamba Inca Trail tours are operated directly by Bamba to ensure customer care that is personal and up to the high standard you deserve.
  • Bamba guarantees departures without any requirement for a minimum number of travellers.
  • Bamba offers a small-group experience with no more than 4-12 trekkers should you prefer to travel with friends or family. It is also a great way to make new friends and memories too.
  • All of Bamba’s guide’s in Peru are professional in manner and fluent in English so communication will never be a problem.
  • Bamba does not rely on the views of the trail alone to give you an authentic, quality experience. Quality camping equipment is provided to ensure your safety and comfort.
  • Traditional Peruvian-style meals are served throughout the duration of the trek so that you not only have the energy you need for the trek but so you can get a taste of Peru too.

What's Included

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