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Middle East Tours & Adventures

Guided backpacker experiences in the Middle East

The Middle East is a fascinating, exciting destination for backpackers, finally stepping out from the shadow of its reputation and proving its worth as a compelling region to travel. If you’ll excuse us a handy cliché, it’s a region of contrasts – visit the fascinating historical treasures of Israel and Jordan and you might be excused for thinking you’ve travelled back in time, whereas arriving in the likes of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates or Doha in Qatar is like falling face first into the future.

What this means is that there’s something in the Middle East for everyone (this big book of clichés is paying for itself), and backpacker tours are the best way to see it all. Despite huge improvements in recent years, moving around the region and seeing some of its top sights as an independent traveller can require a lot of organisation. Taking a tour means you can sit back and rest safe in the knowledge that all the fiddly, difficult bits – transport, accommodation, visas, and so on – has been taken care of for you. All you have to do is turn up and have the time of your life.


Advice and inspiration for travelling in the Middle East


Touring the Middle East

What might you see? It depends what you’re into. You might ride a camel into the deserts of Jordan and see unforgettable historical sites like Petra and Amman Citadel, or float for a while in the Dead Sea. Israel is home to more iconic historical and biblical sites than we can count, the golden Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem a sight you’ll never forget. The impossibly wealthy megacity of Dubai in the UAE is perfect for anybody seeking luxury and a trip to the top of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Qatar is similarly opulent in its approach to life. Iran is now opening up to travellers too, and a tour there is the best way to see what it has to offer and stay safe.

Unfortunately, some of the Middle East remains too dangerous to travel through. Iraq, Syria, and most of Afghanistan are not recommended for tourists.

Still, this shouldn’t put anybody off travelling to the many safe parts of the Middle East that offer a backpacking experience unlike anywhere else in the world.

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