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Morocco Atlas and Atlantic

Morocco Atlas and Atlantic
From £ 505
Duration 8 Days
From £505
Duration 8 Days

While Morocco is a land of both bustling cities and wind-swept deserts, there’s a side to it that’s oft missed by those lost in the country’s lively souks and resorts. Pristine waters hiding in secret valleys, sprawling untouched beaches and hospitable cultures ignored by decades of turbulent conquest are some of the lesser known Moroccan treasures – each one of these discoveries has inspired writers, painters and travellers who’ve chanced upon them over the years. Discover a new side to Morocco as you travel from the coast to the hidden heart of the Berber on this short but rewarding trip.

Tour Itinerary

1 - Marrakech

Your adventure begins with a welcome meeting today at 6pm, where you'll meet your fellow travellers and group leader. Please check the Intrepid note at the reception to confirm the time. If you can't arrange a flight that will arrive in time, you may wish to arrive a day early so you're able to attend. We'll be happy to book additional accommodation for you (subject to availability). If you're going to be late, please inform the hotel reception. We'll be collecting your insurance details and next of kin information at this meeting, so please have these on hand. Marrakech is a feast for the senses. After the meeting, you have the option to join your leader and the rest of the group for a dinner. Once you’ve finished up, feel free to go on a jaunt to Djemaa el Fna, the square in the centre of the Medina. Huge crowds converge at night to see singers, drummers, dancers, fortune tellers, jugglers and even old medicine men and dentists come together in what has been called the 'greatest spectacle on earth'.

2 - Taghazout

Prepare to visit some of the world’s most beautiful bodies of water as you board your private transport – make sure you have your swimmers ready! You’ll first get to visit the aptly named Paradise Valley - a dreamland full of gorgeous pools of water hidden in bright stone canyons. Afterwards, you’ll travel onwards to a surf resort near to the small fishing village of Taghazout. Over recent years, the town has gained a reputation as a prime surfing location for locals and tourists alike – the waters stay warm throughout the year and the surf is excellent for starters and adept wave riders alike. After your long journey from Marrakech today (230km) engage in a relaxing yoga session.

3 - Taghazout

If you were thinking about surfing yesterday but didn’t have the know-how to ride a board, worry not – you’ve got a 2 hours surfing class to build your skills up. It’s okay if you’re a beginner, the intensity of the course will be adjusted to the abilities of the group so everyone gets a chance to enjoy themselves. The surf academy provides wetsuits and all the equipment you will need you’re your lesson. You will only need your swimmers. Come the afternoon, you’ll have some time to polish your surf skills, lounge by the pool or explore the small fishing village of Taghazout.

4 - Tafraout

Embark in your private transport to Tafraout, a secluded shred of paradise far from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life (travel time approx. 4.5 hours) While the journey is long, it is stunning in parts – keep your eyes peeled for herds of goats climbing argan trees. Ancient traditions still run strong here in the Berber heartland. People have a genuine friendliness and honesty unlike anywhere else on earth and the cooking, which cleverly mixes spices, prunes and meats, is indescribably delicious. Get an insight into the unique charms of Tafraout with a guided orientation tour and walk through the city. You’ll also get to witness the beauty of the surrounding landscape on a walk through a desert oasis to witness Belgian artist Jean Veran’s painted rocks project, standing out as vibrant monuments in a sea of tanned desert soil. Visit a traditional Berber house for a cup of Berber Whisky (mint tea) before heading to your accommodation for dinner this evening.

5 - Sidi Ifni

Take a guided walk this morning through the stunning valley. Those who’d prefer to relax this morning can enjoy the pool at your accommodation. Return to your private transport and begin your journey to Sidi Ifni, once known as a Spanish port city before being returned to Moroccan rule in 1969 (journey time approx 3.5 hours). The city still hosts many old Spanish fortifications, slowly crumbling into ruin amongst the rest of the European architecture and the native Moroccan houses. It’s known as one of Morocco’s best-kept secrets for people looking for a peaceful, un-commercialised gateway into the local way of life. There’s little to no beachside hostels, discos or even tourists coursing through the streets, and the city holds many of its own quirks with its blue and white painted buildings and trace love for Spanish music and football.Take a guided orientation walk through the streets, where you’ll get to learn about the Spanish history of the old town and the port, slightly haunting if not beautiful in its dilapidation.

6 - Sidi Ifni

Your second day in Sidi Ifni takes a more natural approach with a trip to Legzira beach. This pristine stretch of sand has previously been characterised by the unique red arches that dip over the beach and into the sea, although unfortunately only one more of these glorious structures remains. Bring a book or beachside games to enjoy your morning in this atmospheric location before tucking in to grilled fish or fish tajine on the beachfront. After dipping your toes in the water and heading back to Sidi Fini, you’ll have a couple of hours to freshen up or explore before heading a local women’s argan oil cooperative the women will cook a delicious homemade dinner to tuck in to afterwards too.

7 - Marrakech

Next, you'll travel to Agadir, a vibrant city widely known as a Moroccan beach resort (approx 3 hours). After a devastating earthquake in 1960, Agadir had to be rebuilt from the ground up. It’s now known as Morocco’s best seaside city, boasting a lively beachfront promenade that highlights the exuberance of the country’s street culture in a spacious, bright atmosphere. After witnessing Sidi Ifni’s un-commercial essence, Agadir will prove stark contrast to this with places such as the bustling Souk El Had and the international shopping boutiques at the Marina. Here, you’ll have free time to explore the beaches and the streets – perhaps even enjoy a seafood lunch with your group if you’re hungry. As the afternoon rolls in, you’ll depart once more for Marrakech (approx 3 hours). Perhaps head out to a final farewell dinner with your group at one of the trendy restaurants in the Gueliz district of Marrakech.

8 - Marrakech

Your Moroccan adventure comes to an end this morning - however, don't let that stop you from exploring the streets, visiting a souk, or talking to your tour leader about taking a one day Urban Adventure in Marrakech.

Country Morocco

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