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Guided backpacker experiences in North America

Backpacker tours in North America are hugely popular, and it’s not difficult to see why – when the two main countries included in tours are the United States of America and Canada, you’re not exactly going to struggle to find people willing to go.

Although getting around North America independently is generally quite straightforward, even if you’re a newbie traveller, there are numerous reasons to consider taking a tour instead. Being on a tour gives you a fixed itinerary that guarantees you’ll see all the highlights and not miss any of the best bits – there’s no opportunity to take a wrong turn, run out of petrol, or simply underestimate how long it can take to get from one place to another on this vast continent. Everything you need, including accommodation and transport, is taken care of for you. Plus you’ll get to see everything alongside like-minded people and create amazing memories with new friends.


Awesome tours in North America


New York to Chicago Road Trip

from £583.20

United States

The Big Apple, Finger Lakes, a Windy City, and some waterfalls that are so famous they don’t need a nickname...

Pacific Northwest

from £1,249.00

Pacific Northwest, we’re coming for you! From buzzing Vancouver to leafy Portland and wonderful Whistler (and back again), this trip...

Winter Vegas Trail

from £1,099.00

Experience the kind of ‘California love’ that rappers spit rhymes about on this eight-day winter jaunt from fabulously flashy Vegas...

Honolulu Lei-Over

from £410.00

Welcome to Hawaii – home to picture-perfect beaches, swaying palms and a million hilarious puns. Get lei’d (see what we...

Golden States

from £1,485.00

Join the gold rush on this outrageously fun tour of America's west coast and discover all that’s sparkly about the...

Waikiki Explorer

from £295.00

2 - 4 days

United States

Ready for the ultimate vacation destination? Want to get your fill of Hawaii's unparalleled physical beauty? We'll set up with...

Road Trip USA

from £3,240.00

They say life’s a highway – so what better way to grab it by the cojones than to head out...

Wild Western

from £1,975.00

13 - 13 days

United States

You could easily spend 14 days in LA, losing track of time and doing little more than eat, sleep, shop,...

Western Highlights

from £1,429.00

8 - 8 days

United States

You could easily spend 9-days in LA, losing track of time and doing little more than eat, sleep, shop, party,...

Canadian Parks West from Calgary

from £1,939.00


This is the ultimate Canadian adventure, exploring five national and provincial parks that dazzle with the mind-blowing natural beauty you'd...

Advice and inspiration for travelling in North America


Touring North America

Backpacker tours of North America come in all shapes and sizes. You might keep it simple and take a short city tour of iconic metropolises like New York, Las Vegas, or Toronto. Or you might road trip through California, or right across the whole USA via legendary Route 66. The really adventurous can delve into the continent’s awe-inspiring natural assets by exploring the continent’s numerous national parks, including Yosemite, Banff, Yellowstone, and Jasper (here be glaciers).  If you have the time, you could top it all off by heading south of the border into Mexico, to party hard in the city or relax on the beach (or a little bit of both).

That’s just covering the mainland, of course. If you’re really in search of paradise, you can find a tour that’ll take you hopping between Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, and more. And for something completely different, there’s Cuba waiting just off the Florida coast.

The point is, you’ve got a lot of great options. Finding the right tour for you ensures you see as much of the continent as you want with none of the stress of making it happen. You can thank us later.

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