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South America Tours & Adventures

Guided backpacker experiences in South America

If you were to create the perfect continent for backpacker tours, you probably could not do better than South America. After all, it’s the continent with arguably the best (and certainly the most famous) trek in the world: the fabled Inca Trail that takes intrepid travellers up to Machu Picchu. It’s also the continent with the most scenically located city in the world: none other than famous Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, home of Carnival, the greatest party on Earth. It’s also the continent with… hang on, we’ll do more of that in a moment.

The sheer size, diversity, and near-embarrassing wealth of sights and experiences in South America presents a problem not only in listing it all, but also seeing it all. This is where tours really come into their own. Not only will they focus your attention on what of the region you really want to see, they’ll also do all the hard work to make it happen. Do you really want the stress of driving all the way from the equator to one of the southern-most points in the world, close to Antarctica, when somebody else can do it for you?


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Touring South America

There are tours available that include as much of South America as is realistic for any period of time – begin in mega-diverse Venezuela before heading into so-hot-right-now Colombia. From there it’s down through Ecuador and into Peru for the aforementioned Inca Trail and some incredible food, before heading to the otherworldly salt flats in Bolivia and the Amazon Rainforest. Next up is Argentina, the life and culture of Buenos Aires contrasting with the stunning expanses of Patagonia as you cross into Chile. After that there’s nowhere to go but back up through Uruguay and into legendary Brazil.

Brazil represents the other kind of tour you might take in South America: a single country in depth, seeing everything it has to offer and becoming intimately acquainted. In Brazil alone there’s wild Rio de Janeiro, bustling Brasilia, and awesome Sao Paulo, not to mention a visit to the Amazon basin. You could spend six months there alone.

However you choose to tour South America, it’s guaranteed to be an adventure you’ll never forget.

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