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Guided backpacker experiences in South East Asia

So, you’re interested in backpacking around South East Asia. What’s it going to be? You could go paradise island hopping in Thailand; treat your taste buds to a culinary quest around Vietnam; explore ancient temples in Cambodia… the wealth of things to do here is practically neverending, and the choice is really up to you. Welcome to the most exciting continent on the planet.

South East Asia is an incredible place for newbie travellers, offering so much to see and do in a place brimming with different cultures, meaning it feels like a proper adventure. However, that can make it a daunting place for inexperienced travellers to try and navigate for the first time. This is why it’s also the perfect place for backpacker tours.

Taking a tour allows you to rest safe in the knowledge that all the difficult parts have been taken care of for you, including transport and accommodation. It’s a guarantee you won’t miss any of the top sights South East Asia has to offer because you missed a bus or couldn’t understand some directions you were given by a friendly local. You’ll also get to experience all of the continent’s wonders alongside a group of like-minded travellers.


Awesome tours in South East Asia


South East Asia Highlights

from £1550

44 days

Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand...

From the hustle and bustle of some of South East Asia’s most dynamic and modern cities to tropical rainforests and...

Far East Explorer

from £1325

32 days

China, Laos, Vietnam

Uncover the mysteries of the Far East! A group adventure tour through China, Laos and Vietnam, including some of the...

Ultimate Thailand

from £560

11 days


Explore Bangkok’s temples and night life, wake up in the jungle on our floating raft houses, see baby monkeys in...

Ultimate Vietnam

from £790

14 days


See the best of what Vietnam has to offer! Explore Hanoi, escape to Halong Bay on a Junk Boat, stay...

Ultimate Bali

from £530

10 days


Discover the best of Bali on our 10 day Ultimate Bali tour. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of...

Advice and inspiration for travelling in South East Asia


Touring South East Asia

You just need to decide where in the region you want to go. Thailand is the arrival point for most, capital city Bangkok offering a party unlike any other, with picture perfect beaches and islands to the south, jungles, elephants, and culture to the north. Vietnam can be similarly hectic but is also packed with serene, life affirming landscapes. Cambodia is home to ancient temples and other historical sites to capture your imagination, while Laos has similarly striking Buddhist monasteries and mountain scenery. Go a little further afield and you’ll find the likes of Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia waiting for you.

Tours in South East Asia can be used as a way of easing you into your new jet set/unwashed backpacker lifestyle, perhaps a few days being shown around Thailand before you strike out on your own. Or you might stick with a tour that can show you it all in grand style. South East Asia is a… we’re going to do it, we’re going to call it a cornucopia. It’s a cornucopia of wonder and joy! Make the most of it.

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