Southern Divide

Southern Divide
From £ 2649
Duration 21 Days
From £2649GBP - 4079300KRW
Duration 21 Days

For those looking to experience the history, culture and wilderness of South America, this three-week adventure through Peru, Bolivia, and Chile is packed full of some of the continent’s most iconic and popular highlights. Explore the Sacred Valley and uncover Incan history high in the Andes at legendary Machu Picchu. Explore incredible landscapes at Uyuni Salt Flats and the Atacama Desert, and encounter vibrant culture at Lake Titicaca. Because we have years of experience and established operational offices in the region, we’ll take care of the hassles so that you can focus on the highlights. Get off the beaten track and embrace the best of this incredible region.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Lima

There are no planned activities until an evening welcome meeting. Additional Notes: Please note that hot water shortages and power outages can be fairly common in Latin America (even in upgraded hotels and private homes). We appreciate your patience and understanding that these occurrences are outside of our control. Included Activities: Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting

Day 2 Lima/Cusco (1B)

Transfer to the airport for the flight to Cusco. Spend the rest of the day relaxing and exploring this fascinating city, and getting used to the altitude. Transport: Plane

Day 3 Cusco (1B)

Spend a full day enjoying optional activities in the area.

Day 4 Cusco/Ollantaytambo (1B, 1L)

Travel through the stunning Sacred Valley of the Incas, visiting a G Adventures-supported women's weaving co-op. Meet the women and learn about traditional weaving and dyeing used in the Ccaccaccollo community. Opt to pick up some handmade souvenirs and textiles directly from the women who made them. Have lunch at the G Adventures-supported Parwa community restaurant. Learn about the G Adventures for Good project and eat a delicious buffet-style lunch. Proceeds of this meal go directly back to the remote community. Included Activities: Ccaccaccollo Community and Women's Weaving Co-op visit Cuyo Chico Pottery Making Demonstration Parwa Community Restaurant the Sacred Valley Transport: Private Vehicle

Day 5 Ollantaytambo/Aguas Calientes (1B)

Board a morning train that winds through the spectacular Sacred Valley to the end of the line: the village of Aguas Calientes, a frontier town nestled in the hills beneath Machu Picchu. Take advantage of the opportunity to visit the butterfly house, botanical gardens or hot springs. Opt for a day hike to Mandor Gardens to see orchids and a waterfall, enjoying the lush, green scenery en route. Additional Notes: Those who have pre-purchased the "1-day Inca Trail" hiking option will disembark the train at km 104 to begin the trek. Transport: Train

Day 6 Aguas Calientes/Cusco (1B)

Rise early to catch the first bus up to Machu Picchu with your guide. Enjoy a guided visit of the ruins followed by free time to explore. When ready, head back down by bus to Aguas to meet up with the rest of the group and take a train back to Cusco. Included Activities: Machu Picchu Guided Tour Transport: Local bus Train Private Vehicle

Day 7 Cusco (1B)

Use a free day to explore more of Cusco or relax.

Day 8 Cusco/Puno (1B)

Travel through the high Altiplano region from Cusco to Puno, on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Titicaca is also the largest lake in the world above 3800m, and the views from both Amantaní and Taquile Islands are stunning. The trip takes the better part of the day, with stark, beautiful scenery en route. Transport: Local bus

Day 9 Puno (1B)

Head out by boat across Lake Titicaca. Visit the community on the Taquile Islands and enjoy a local lunch with spectacular views. Visit the floating islands of Uros before returning to Puno. Opt to visit to Sillustani burial site. Included Activities: Day Trip to Lake Titicaca

Day 10 Puno/La Paz (1B)

Enjoy the full-day drive around the lake and through the altiplano to La Paz. Bolivia is filled with spectacular views of the countryside. La Paz is at nearly 4000m (13,120ft) above sea level, so be prepared for cool evenings and mornings. Included Activities: Border Crossing (Peru - Bolivia) Transport: Local bus Local bus

Day 11 La Paz (1B)

Explore the city’s many fine museums or its historic structures, like the Iglesia de San Francisco. The city is also renowned for its many markets, including the Mercado de Hechicería (Witches’ Market). With streets lined with market stalls and vendors, the pace on the street and the vibrant atmosphere is an incredible experience. To the south of the city is the Valley of the Moon, with crater-like formations made of sand.

Day 12 La Paz/Sucre (1B)

Optional activities include mountain biking, hiking, and searching for dinosaur footprints. Transport: Plane

Day 13 Sucre (1B)

Free time to explore the city, the former capital of Bolivia. For more active options opt to go hiking in the surrounding area or mountain biking.

Day 14 Sucre/Potosí (1B)

Travel by bus to Potosí and get a view of the mountain Cerro Rico looming over the city. Transport: Local bus

Day 15 Potosí/Uyuni (1B)

Travel through the Bolivian landscape to the town of Uyuni, the jumping off point for the three day 4x4 excursion to the Uyuni Salt Flats. Additional Notes: During the rainy season the locations visited may change due to some routes being covered by water. Transport: Local bus

Day 16 Uyuni/Salar de Uyuni (1B, 1D)

Enjoy a three-day 4x4 excursion to the Uyuni Salt Flats and surrounding desert altiplano with spectacular scenery. Stay in simple hotels upgraded with solar panels to provide electricity and hot water. Additional Notes: We offer unique accommodation in the Uyuni Salt Flats. Instead of very basic refuges and homestays most operators use, we have upgraded to simple hotels that are equipped with solar panels to provide electricity and hot water. Rooms are multi-share and each have a private bathroom. Meals are made from local ingredients, most of which are grown on-site. Included Activities: Salt Flats Excursion

Day 17 Salar de Uyuni (1B, 1L, 1D)

Continue exploring the Uyuni Salt Flats on a 4x4 excursion. Admire the spectacular scenery while passing red and blue lagoons along the route. Spot wild llamas, alpacas and even flamingos deep within the desert. Included Activities: Salt Flats Excursion

Day 18 Salar de Uyuni/San Pedro de Atacama (1B, 1L)

From the high Bolivian altiplano descend almost 2000m to the edge of the Atacama Desert, arriving at the small desert oasis of San Pedro de Atacama, just across the Chilean border. Said to be one of the driest places on the planet, this little town is an oasis in an otherwise barren, dry landscape. Included Activities: Border Crossing (Bolivia - Chile) Transport: 4x4 Local bus

Day 19 San Pedro de Atacama

Enjoy an included excursion to the Valley of the Moon to learn about and appreciate the beautiful uniqueness of the landscape. There are plenty of optional excursions in San Pedro de Atacama, including biking, exploring nearby ruins, and horseback riding. Despite its size, San Pedro offers some great restaurants as well as numerous handicrafts and artisan stores for those looking for souvenirs. Included Activities: Valley of the Moon Visit

Day 20 San Pedro de Atacama/Santiago

From the nearby city of Calama, fly to Santiago, the capital of Chile. The city is surrounded by mountains, and there are both internationally recognized vineyards and Andean ski resorts within a couple of hours from the city centre. Explore the city’s many museums and parks and visit the vibrant neighbourhood of Bellavista with its handicrafts, trendy cafés, and San Cristobal Hill with its views of the city and the surrounding area. Transport: Local van Plane

Region South America
Country Bolivia Chile Peru

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