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Uyuni Salt Flats

Journey through the salt flats of Uyuni and into the desert of southwest Bolivia

Uyuni Salt Flats
From £483
Duration 5 Days
From £483
Duration 5 Days
One location, two otherworldly landscapes. See the world’s biggest mirror during rainy season and the surreal landscapes that inspired Salvador Dali during the dry season.

What are the Uyuni Salt Flats?

  • Uyuni is around 8 hours south of La Paz.
  • The Uyuni Salt Flats are world famous for being the world’s largest mirror during the rainy season. By day the crisp blue heavens are reflected and by night the constellations of a clear twinkling sky.
  • They have an other worldly feel during the dry season with dry cracked landscapes in dazzling hues.
  • One location but two very different stunning landscapes depending on the time of year you decide to travel.
  • Set amidst the Andes in southwest Bolivia the Uyuni Salt Flats were formed when an ancient lake dried out. This has left a massive 11,000 sq-km of cacti covered islands, fascinating rock formations and gleaming white salt.
  • Wildlife is rare to the flats with the exception of the captivating flocks of flamingos whose pink exotic tones are striking.

Why the Uyuni Salt Flats are Better with Bamba:

  • With Bamba you can choose to start or end your Salt Flats trip at different locations depending on your travel plans; La Paz, Uyuni, or Atacama in Chile.
  • Short on time? Bamba offers this tour with flights to and from La Paz, cutting your journey time but ensuring you still experience this incredible place!
  • Bamba guarantees departures without any requirement for a minimum number of travellers.
  • Customer care that is personal and up to the high standard you deserve.

What Will You Be Doing?
Day 1:

You will get picked up at your accommodation in La Paz to be taken to the bus station, where you’ll board the night bus to the town of Uyuni in the southwest corner of Bolivia.

Day 2:

Visit Uyuni’s ‘train graveyard’ to see the first locomotives in Bolivia and stop by the small village of Colchani to visit a salt factory where they process the salt mined from Uyuni. Next, continue to the great salt flats of Uyuni. Take photos as you cruise along the vast white expanse of salt, and visit a hotel made completely of salt. You will visit Incahuasi (Fish Island) where you will have time to take a hike to the top of the island to see giant cactus and rock formations made of petrified coral. Enjoy the stunning sunset over the salt flat before spending the night at the tiny village of Atulcha in a salt hotel.

Day 3:

Head toward the villages of Julaca and San Agustin to take a short walk to the Sora Canyon and observe incredible views. Our next stop is at the Volcan Ollague viewpoint and the Desert of Siloli at 4550m (the highest and driest in the world). See pink flamingos and admire this intense red-colored lake, and then the Sol de Mañana geysers.

Day 4:

Get off to an early start to the Dali Pampas, where Salvador Dali found his inspiration from boulders sprinkled in the middle of the desert, and then to the Green Lagoon. We will head back to Uyuni, where you will catch a bus back to Uyuni.

Day 5:

Arrive in La Paz in the morning.
NOTE: Most Salt Flats tours are safe and reliable; however, the conditions are basic in this area and you should be aware of this. The Salar de Uyuni is one of the harshest environments for vehicles on the planet and occasional vehicle issues can happen, this to a certain extent is unavoidable. The drivers are used to breakdowns and are pretty adept at fixing their vehicles. They are always willing to help each other out and you are usually not stuck for long – so a bit of patience is often all you need. Food will be basic.

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