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African Wildlife Photography and Conservation Project

Based in the Kruger Conservation Area in South Africa

African Wildlife Photography and Conservation Project
From £2090 - 3687
Duration 28 - 56 Days
From £2090 - 3687
Duration 28 - 56 Days
This Wildlife Photography and Conservation project is based in the world renowned Greater Kruger Area - famous for the Big 5 and some amazing scenery.

The region is home to a local people with a rich and vibrant culture and it is in this impressive setting that course members will have the opportunity to enhance their photographic skills whilst raising conservation awareness within the local community. For anyone who has always wanted to take amazing wildlife pictures, there is no better place in the world! No experience is necessary but enthusiasm for photography and African wildlife is essential. Some photographic knowledge is helpful and the project attracts all levels of ability from complete beginners to professionals. Course members will be taught how to edit their photos using Photoshop/Lightroom and will spend a good deal of time during their stay editing their images, and for this reason a basic level of computer literacy is required in order to participate.
Reasons to be a Photography Volunteer

  • Take your photography to the next level during the intensive tutoring from a professional photographer in week one
  • Develop your newly acquired/existing skills in the remaining 3 weeks by shooting pictures in the African bush
  • Add your images to the conservation database and contribute towards ongoing awareness campaigns and research
  • Educate the local communities on the importance of conservation
  • Assist with ongoing conservation initiatives such as creating new waterholes, removing alien plants and conduct snare sweeps
  • Camp out regularly in the bush, learning the starts and eating around a bush fireLive in the heart of the world famous Greater Kruger area, on your own private reserve
  • Explore Blyde River Canyon, take in the site of the Panorama Route or go hiking at the weekend.

Project Information
Photography Workshop
In the first week all course members will take part in an extensive workshop that is held by the project’s professional photogrqpher, Tim Feherty. He will teach the basics, secrets aqnd highlights of photography by explaining how to use camera settings and what needs to be focussed on when taking pictures. Course members will get assignments to capture frames, colours, movement, portraits and many more. They will also learn how to edit their pictures using Lightroom and how to make them stand out from the crowd.
Conservation Research
Working in conjunction with the research department, photographers will assist the research team in collecting animal identification information by taking pictures of the wildlife while out on drives. This is a unique opportunity to encounter some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife and people while improving photographic skills.
Creating a Photographic Database
A photographic database exists for educational purposes. Images are also sold online and all proceeds go directly back into the core research projects. Every opportunity is seized to use images to education community schools about nature and the need to conserve the environment.

Conservation Education Club and Activities
In partnership with local wildlife trusts and foundations course members will assist in a number of exciting conservation initiatives including creation of water holes, clearing alien plants, mending fences, conducting snare sweeps and returning much of the land into a habitat in which the wildlife can flourish. There is work for everyone as many hands are needed. Course members will also go into local schools to give educational presentations on conservation, including the importance of water, recycling and wildlife conservatyion.
Photographer of the Month
Every month there is a photography compettion. Course members each submit five of the favourite images with the hope that one of them will be voted the best by the staff and volunteers. The winning image takes pride of place as the Facebook cover shot for the month.

Experience Volunteering
Region Africa
Country South Africa

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