Amazon Conservation Project

Amazon Conservation Project
From £1395
Duration 15 - 88 Days
From £1395
Duration 15 - 88 Days
Have a lasting impact on the conservation efforts in the Manu UNESCO Biosphere – one of the most diverse environments on earth.

The Amazon is the largest and most species-rich rainforest in the world, covering a staggering 5.5 million km2 and is integral to the well-being of virtually all life on the planet. 780,000 km2 of the amazon rainforest is situated within the borders of Peru, a true, jungle wilderness east of the stunning Andes mountain range.

The Amazon Conservation Project is situated on the fringe of Manú National Park – a UNESCO recognised biosphere reserve and World Heritage Site, only a short journey from the Inca capital of Cusco. Due to its varied topography, the Manú Biosphere Reserve has one of highest levels of biodiversity of any national park. It is home to over 1000 species of birds, as well as larger wildlife including jaguar, puma, giant otter, giant anteater, giant armadillo and two and three-toed sloth. There are also 14 species of monkey, including marmoset, capuchin, tamarin, squirrel monkey, spider monkey and woolly monkey species.

Volunteers in Peru working on this project are sure to have an unforgettable experience, playing an integral part in conservation research and sustainable community initiatives in the remarkable environment of Manu National Park. Doing so involves tasks such as data-collection, animal-tracking and survey-recording. Those who take part in this project will also spend time working with fascinating wildlife and alongside local people, striving to create a truly sustainable Amazon environment.

Helpful Project Information

All volunteers in South America on this project are required to complete a training programme, prior to commencing project work. This consists of many presentations, field work, educational forest walks, species recognition tasks and a first-aid course. Project work comes in the form of a few different, smaller initiatives, which alter depending on the time of year and needs of certain species.


Monitoring and registering forest biodiversity in Manu National Park (e.g. jaguars, tapirs, pumas, birds, monkeys, amphibians, reptiles and butterflies, etc.) So far 37 large mammal species including 13 individual jaguars have been recorded!

Data Collecting

Collect data from the clay lick, primarily focusing on species behaviour and wildlife distribution.

Night-time surveys

Volunteers carry out transect surveys by walking slowly along a 100m trail and looking for amphibians and reptiles. Any that are seen are caught, brought to the camp to be weighed and measured and then released.

Data processing

Processing and uploading data that supports international conservation projects and informs wider conservation strategies.


Identify the seasonal status and health condition of trees for long term vegetation monitoring.


Building infrastructure for local family bio-gardens with community members


Volunteers will help plant seedlings in bio gardens and check on growth rates, soil acidity and composting in existing bio gardens


Help to create, plant, monitor and map reforestation plots. Volunteers have helped turn 17 hectares of degraded land into agroforestry plots which has enabled the planting of 10,000 plantains and 3,000 trees which has created the first program in Peru to ever commercialize carbon credits on behalf of a local community.

Project tasks

All volunteers will partake in conservation-research, animal-tracking, tree-planting and garden-maintenance.

Experience Volunteering
Region South America
Country Peru


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