Animal Rescue and Conservation

In Costa Rica

Animal Rescue and Conservation
From £780 - 2920
Duration 14 - 84 Days
From £780 - 2920
Duration 14 - 84 Days
Volunteer in Costa Rica at an animal rescue center!

Volunteer in Costa Rica at an animal rescue center! The first week of this program is an introductory week in San Jose that consists of Spanish language lessons, an introduction to Costa Rican culture including Latin dance classes, yoga classes and more. Your specific rescue center placement will be determined during orientation week.

Your second week and on, you will be volunteering at your assigned animal rescue center. Regardless of the rescue center placement, basic volunteer tasks will remain the same, however direct contact with animals may be restricted dependent on placement.

Volunteering tasks may include:

  • Preparing food for the animals
  • Feeding the animals
  • Maintenance


Experience Volunteering
Region Central America
Country Costa Rica

Go Eco

GoEco was created by experienced volunteers for people who are eager to travel and contribute to the community, wildlife, and environment they visit.
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