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Australia Wildlife Volunteering

Care for kangaroos, koalas , wombats and more

Australian animals are some of the most iconic in the world, with marsupials being among the most popular. Volunteering with marsupials – which include kangaroos, koalas, wombats and Tasmanian devils  – is an incredible way to learn more about them and give something back to Australia, one of the most popular backpacking destinations on the planet.

Marsupials are an infraclass of mammals that live primarily in Australasia. Although many species are not endangered, they frequently suffer injury or loss of habitat, leaving them requiring care. Volunteering with koalas might see you nurse them back to health after being caught in a wildfire, before releasing them back into the wild. Volunteering with kangaroos might see you working on a sanctuary, caring for orphaned or injured ‘roos, or looking after some who live there permanently.

Volunteering with Australian animals is a great way to experience the amazing country of Australia, and get to know a certain kind of local. Hop to it and check out the opportunities on this page.

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