Volunteer with Bears Abroad

Work with polar bears and other types

Volunteering with bears is a brilliant way to help rescue the polar bear, black bear, grizzly bear, panda bear, and others in need of care. There are a number of volunteer programs focused on the health and conservation of bears around the world. Bear rescue projects are found in a huge range of places, including Asia, North America, and Europe.

Bears are often hunted for their meat and fur, and poached for parts of their bodies used in traditional Asian medicines. They are also kept as pets and performing animals in poor conditions. Bears have also suffered habitat loss due to climate change, pollution, oil development, and deforestation. All of this has resulted in six out of eight bear species now being listed as endangered or in severe decline.

To volunteer with bears abroad you must have a passion and interest in different species of bear, and want to work closely with non-domestic captive animals. If that sounds like you, check out the options on this page.

Get your claws into these bear volunteering projects


Giant Panda Center in China

from £990

7 - 7 days


Assist in an essential and rewarding program with giant pandas in China. Make a real impact in safeguarding this captivating...

Orangutan Conservation in Borneo

from £1280

15 - 29 days


Volunteer at the award-winning Matang Wildlife Centre in Sarawak, Borneo, and get up close and personal with orangutans, sun bears...

Volunteer with Bears in Borneo

from £1268

14 - 28 days


Volunteer with the smallest (and cutest!) of bears at this inspiring sun bear rehabilitation centre in Borneo. Immerse yourself in...

Volunteer with Bears in Romania

from £995

7 - 28 days


Provide bears with a new life in the largest bear sanctuary in Eastern Europe. Explore your fascinating surroundings, with Dracula's...

Orangutan Volunteer Project

from £795

7 - 26 days


Work on enrichment with captive orangutans and sun bears at the world renowned Samboja Lestari rescue centre.


In Search of Iguassu–Buenos Aires to Rio

from £1279

Get your South American rush with other young travellers not afraid to embrace the new. You'll kick off the adventure...

New Zealand–South Island Encompassed

from £1279

Looking to tackle a bundle of different environments all in one go? New Zealand’s South Island has what you need...

Iconic Japan

from £3499

Japan delights in contrasts, revering the past while embracing the future. Begin your 12-day adventure in glittering, massive Tokyo, then...

West Africa Overland

from £5789

The quintessential West Africa overland trip, this tour from Dakar to Ghana leaves no cultural, natural or historical stone unturned...

Classic Borneo

from £1419

Travel to Borneo and leave urban life behind. Head into Borneo's lush jungles, down scenic rivers and through the vibrant...

Ecuador Multisport

from £654

Speed is the watchword for this high-adrenaline active tour around Ecuador. Across nine action-packed days, you’ll bike near Cotopaxi (an...

Everest in Full Picture – Basix

from £995

Travel to Nepal and head to the Himalayan hills to get the full picture of Everest. Fly to Lukla then...

Dracula’s Halloween Party in Transylvania

from £299

Ghost, ghouls, and an unforgettable Halloween party await on the mysterious grounds of Bran Castle in Transylvania. We'll start in...

Mexico’s Day of the Dead in Oaxaca

from £949

Both intriguing and unusual, the Day of the Dead festival is both a celebration of ancestors and a huge party,...

Ecuador Beaches & Coastal Adventure

from £397

Cities, beach, exploring, beach – we know the choice between kickin’ it on the shore and seeing all those sites...

Articles and advice about volunteering with animals abroad

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