Care for Bears

Bear Rescue

Care for bears and help rescue the polar bear, black bear, grizzly bear, panda bear and more from extinction.  There are a number of programs focusing their efforts on the health and safety of this mammal so that they can have a blossoming future. Bear rescue programs can be found in various parts of the world such as South Korea, China, North America, Canada and even Romania.

Bears are often hunted for their meat and fur, and poached for their gall bladders and bile (used in many traditional Asian medicines). They have also suffered habitat loss due to climate change, pollution, oil development and deforestation. These factors combined have resulted in 6 out of 8 species of bears now endangered or in severe decline.

To take part in bear rescue programs abroad you must have a passion and interest in the lives of different species of bears and want to work closely with non-domestic captive animals. You will be spending most hours in a day with the bears, studying and analysing them and their characteristics. Accommodation is usually provided, however basic and living conditions might be challenging for some as you may only have access to basic amenities. If you wish to care for bears on your gap year check out our product listings and get in contact with somebody you can help you today.