Voluntary Work with Birds & Reptiles

Conserve endangered species abroad

Volunteering with birds and volunteering with reptiles might seem like very different things, but you’ll often find volunteer projects that cover both or take place in similar environments.

Bird care projects overseas focus on nurturing, treating, and freeing rescued or wounded birds, as well as caring for their natural environments in some of the most amazing places on the planet, like Costa Rica, Thailand and Australia. There are around 200 endangered species of birds, spread around the world, making volunteering with birds one of the most important things you can do. Similarly, there are around 380 endangered reptile species, which means volunteering with reptiles is just as important.

Bird and reptile care volunteers are usually handed a range of responsibilities, including involvement in rescue and capture projects, preparing food, grounds-keeping, cleaning and maintaining enclosures in sanctuaries, and more. If you’re interested in volunteering with birds and reptiles, take a look at the programmes that are available.

Top bird and reptile volunteering projects


Amazon Conservation Work

from £1495

14 - 84 days


Work alongside scientific researchers to document the Amazon ecosystem to study local wildlife including endangered Blue-headed macaw, jaguars and monkeys

Wildlife Volunteering in Ecuador

from £895

14 - 84 days


Make a difference by volunteering to help over 200 rescued animals at an inspiring centre located on the edge of...


Mayan Sun–Northbound

from £764

Trek though jungle backdrops to Mayan ruins and chill out on white-sand beaches under the Caribbean sun. Check out Guatemala,...

Russian Revelations

from £1529

Come explore this glorious part of Europe on a tour of Russia and beyond that will reveal some of the...

Southern Cross Westbound – Rio to Lima

from £3799

From the sands of Copacabana to the heights of the Bolivian Andes, this incredible 39-day journey will introduce you to...

Explore Machu Picchu & the Amazon River

from £1623

Combine two amazing adventures in one unforgettable 11-day trip that takes in the wonder of Machu Picchu and the mystical...

Kruger Experience – Lodge (4 days)

from £725

Get a taste of one of the most famous game reserves in the world on this 4-day safari in Kruger...

India’s Golden Triangle: Yoga & Bollywood Edition

from £930

Follow the famed Golden Triangle on this adventure to India’s premier cities – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Peel back the...

Croatia Family Holiday with teenagers

from £1070

Discover Croatia on a family adventure to remember. Hike past stunning mountain scenery and cascading waterfalls, raft the gentle rapids...

Vienna to Dubrovnik

from £2970

Travel from Vienna to Dubrovnik on a tour through Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and...

Uluru Adventure (Original)

from £408

This 3 Day Uluru Adventure trip is the perfect short trip for those wanting to experience icons of the Australian...

Beijing to Moscow

from £2448

Travel across continents and time zones on one of the world's greatest train journeys. Start in busy Beijing before heading...

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