Volunteer with Elephants

Conserve elephants & their habitats abroad

Elephant conservation work could take you all around the world, from the stunning city of Jaipur in India to the luscious green lands of Zimbabwe in southern Africa to the mountain jungles of Thailand. Although big in size, elephants are one of the most commonly abused and mistreated animals on the planet. They have been known to be chained up, beaten, deprived of sleep, removed from their natural habitats, hunted for ivory, and forced into unnatural behaviour in the name of entertainment.

Volunteering with elephants is an exciting and worthwhile cause to participate in. Volunteers are expected to care for the elephants by taking part in regular tasks such as bathing and grooming, mucking out pens, preparing milk bottles, feeding the baby elephants, and working alongside the local farmers to create sustainable living environments for the next and current generation of elephants. You might even get the chance to shadow a veterinary professional, helping to administer medicine to sick and injured elephants.

If elephant conservation sounds like something you would be interested in participating in on your gap year check out all the latest product listings and get in contact with an organisation who can help you.

Volunteer with elephants on these amazing projects


Rhino & Elephant Conservation

from £620

7 - 56 days


A unique conservation programme, dedicated to the conservation and protection of the endangered black rhino and African elephant. Play your...

Family Volunteering with Elephants in Namibia

from £845

10 days


Your family can take part in the adventure of a lifetime, volunteering with the desert elephants in Namibia!

Wildlife Conservation in Victoria Falls

from £725

7 - 28 days


Take part in this incredible conservation project located just minutes away from Victoria Falls and get stuck in on an...

Elephant Rescue and Conservation in Cambodia

from £725

7 days


Observe gentle giants in their natural forest habitat and assist the team in conducting elephant health checks.

Rhino and Elephant Conservation in Zimbabwe

from £674

8 - 57 days


Volunteer with Rhinos and Elephants in beautiful Zimbabwe and help with hands-on conservation efforts to support these amazing animals!

Kariega ‘Big 5’ Conservation Experience

from £475

8 - 85 days

South Africa

This phenomenal conservation project gives you the once in a lifetime chance to volunteer with the 'Big Five' and help...

Amakhala Volunteer Project

from £805

15 - 57 days

South Africa

Volunteer in incredible South Africa on this 'Big 5' game reserve and help to protect and reintroduce an abundance of...

Volunteer with Rescued Elephants

from £869

7 - 28 days


Volunteer at an inspiring sanctuary located next to a stunning lake in rural Laos. You will help to rehabilitate abused...

Volunteer with Elephants in Sri Lanka

from £1059

14 - 84 days

Sri Lanka

Volunteer with beautiful wild elephants in Sri Lanka, helping to monitor their movements and preserve them for future generations.

Animal Rehabilitation

from £739

7 - 84 days


Volunteer and enjoy a real hands-on experience as you help to rehabilitate over 400 rescued animals at this beautiful sanctuary...

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