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Volunteer with Horses Abroad

Gallop into equine care experiences

Volunteering with horses can be a great way to get some equine experience on your gap year, as well as travelling and having fun. Whether you have an interest in equine practice or just an undying love for horses, volunteering with them is something you will never forget. There are all kinds of projects available, including equine therapy, equine rescue, and even horse safaris.

You can volunteer with horses all over the world, from the USA to South America to Africa. You can even work with horses in Mongolia or on a ranch in Wyoming! You might be made the main caretaker of a whole stable of horses, ensuring their day-to-day needs are taken care of, or you might help with tracking wild horses, monitoring horse behaviour and populations, grounds-keeping on a reserve, assisting with horse rehabilitation, or doing manual labour such as fencing and bush clearing, as well as many others.

If working with horses abroad sounds like it would be a worthwhile part of your travels, get into the saddle of one of the many different options available here.

Articles about volunteering with animals abroad

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