Care for Horses

Volunteer with Horses

Caring for horses can be a great way to get some equine work experience on your gap year but it can also be loads of fun! If you have an interest in equine practise or just a love for horses in general then you might really learn a lot from participating in one of these programs. Programs differ from company to company, however, most focus their projects around equine therapy, equine rescue and even horse safaris!

A horse conservation volunteer might be delegated as main caretaker of a stable of horses, ensuring their day-to-day needs are taken care of and that the horses are generally happy. Other tasks that might be required include tracking horses, monitoring horse behaviour and populations, grounds-keeping on the reserve, fencing and bush clearing as well as many others.

Volunteer with horses and you can be placed in one of many places around the world such as The United States of America to Africa to South America! If you’d like to volunteer with horses on your gap year check out our product listings.