Lion & Big Cat Conservation

Volunteering & working with lions & big cats

Volunteering with lions and big cat conservation projects are perfect for anybody who has a passion for the wild and a desire to help conserve lions and other big cats – including tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and more – in their natural habitats. Volunteering with lions on your gap year gives you the opportunity to help animals at risk of extinction, while also observing their behaviour on safari and assisting the local community in forging a plan to live peacefully alongside big cats.

Lion and big cat conservation volunteers will experience varied days and take on numerous different tasks as required. This might include research, monitoring, data collection, feeding cubs, enclosure cleaning, enclosure maintenance, and more. You may even have the chance to shadow veterinary professionals to learn more about administering medical care to lions and other big cats. Most big cat volunteering projects can be found in Africa, South America and South East Asia.

Volunteering with lions and other big cats is something you will never forget, and great if you are considering a career in the veterinary field. If it sounds like you can make it a roaring success, take a look at some of the opportunities below.

Volunteer projects working with lions and big cats


Carnivore Conservation in Namibia

from £1075

16 days

Assist the team with data collection to help with research on cheetah and leopard releases in the stunning Namib Desert.

Costa Rica: Big Cats & Turtles

from £515

7 - 140 days

Costa Rica covers just 0.03% of the world's landmass, but is home to 500,000 species. That's the highest biodiversity of...

Jaguar Conservation in Costa Rica

from £1145

14 days

Discover the rainforests of Costa Rica and assist in the protection of the elusive and endangered Jaguar.

Namibian Wildlife Sanctuary

from £775

15 - 85 days

Come and join this fantastic project in the heart of Namibia and get up close and personal with some of...

African Wildlife Orphanage

from £1200

14 - 84 days

Volunteer at an African Wildlife Orphanage in Zimbabwe to care for wild animals that have been injured, abandoned or orphaned.

Social Impact Experience

from £978

14 - 28 days

On this part-time home stay experience in Cape Town, you will be faced with the daily challenges, but will find...

Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

from £875

14 - 84 days

Experience hands-on volunteering with cheetahs, baboons and much more!

Living with Lions

from £500

7 - 84 days

Work alongside some of the most beautiful animals in South Africa, including the lions, and get to experience an animal...

African Wildlife Photography and Conservation Project

from £2090

28 - 56 days

This Wildlife Photography and Conservation project is based in the world renowned Greater Kruger Area - famous for the Big...

Volunteer with Lions and Tigers and Other Big Cats in Africa

from £1795

28 - 84 days

Volunteer with big cats in South Africa at a leading sanctuary. Care for lions, tigers, cheetah, leopards and more!


Mongolia Overland

from £2098


Discover the magic of Mongolia on an overland tour through this remote country. Beginning in Ulaanbaatar, travel to Mongolia’s colourful...

Namibia Dunes

from £1170


Discover one of the most incredible landscapes in Namibia when you pay a visit to the barren dunes of Soussusvlei....

Wild Western USA

from £1185

America is home to many sights with fascinating history at every turn, and this western US tour takes in some...

Lycian Way Trekking


Walk Turkey's Lycian Way, widely regarded as one of the world's great trails. Gain an appreciation of the landscape of...

Ultimate Turkey


Combining the best of western and eastern Turkey, this comprehensive adventure offers a sweeping view of this fascinating country. From...

Best of Southern Spain

from £1104


With some destinations, you always have to compromise on something, whether its cuisine, history, or just things to do. Luckily,...

Croatia Sailing Adventure – Dubrovnik to Split

from £780


Experience the old-world charm of Croatia on a sailing odyssey from Dubrovnik to Split. Spend days cruising around impressive coastlines,...

Big India

from £888


Travel across this huge country on this trailblazing adventure tour. In the north witness pilgrims performing ancient ceremonies on the...

Ethiopia Untouched

from £1195


Often overlooked, Ethiopia’s spectacular nature reserves and diverse tribal communities are ripe for exploration. Go off the beaten track and...

Wild Kruger Camping

from £425

South Africa

Answer the call of the Kruger, South Africa's vast and famous game park that is simply teeming with Africa's most...

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