Volunteer with Monkeys Abroad

Conserve endangered primate species

Volunteering with monkeys on your gap year is a great way to gain unique insight into the world of these delightful animals. There are now many species of monkey on the endangered species list, with many more considered threatened. This is because of hunting, destruction of natural habitats, introduction of other non-native species, and illegal trade.

This means that volunteering with monkeys gives you the opportunity to make a real difference to the survival chances of these amazing creatures worldwide. You can volunteer with monkeys in Africa, where around 50% of the population is now threatened or critically endangered, or travel to Madagascar to work on projects helping the critically endangered Silky Sifaka monkey, or head to Ghana to help fight the decline of the indigenous Roloway monkey. Monkeys can also be found in Asia, Central America and South America, and where there are monkeys, there will be projects to help them.

Volunteers will carry out regular tasks such as preparing food for the monkeys, cleaning out enclosures, observing and monitoring behaviour, primate relocation, and even hand rearing baby monkeys if the mothers are unable to do so. If you’re interested in volunteering with monkeys on your gap year, stop monkeying around and check out our listings.

Check out all our monkey volunteering placements


General Team Safari Volunteer

from £170

3 days


Help care for our rescue animals

Wildlife Rescue in Costa Rica

from £1095

14 - 84 days

Costa Rica

Join a wildlife rescue team and care for the animals in the sanctuary, home to a variety of animals including...

Animal Care at a Wildlife Park

from £2595

28 days


Care for animals in Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, Borneo's newest attraction and home to many of Sabah's native and threatened...

Nurture Orphaned Monkeys

from £647

7 - 84 days

South Africa

Volunteer at South Africa's first primate rehabilitation centre giving abused monkeys and baboons a chance at life in the wild....

Volunteer with Monkeys in Ecuador

from £809

14 - 84 days


Help out at a primate rescue centre located on the edge of the Amazon rainforest!

Monkey Rescue in South Africa

from £545

7 - 84 days

South Africa

​Work hands on with a variety of primate species at a well-respected rescue centre. You will learn about primate behaviour...

Rescued Animal Conservation

from £1131

14 - 84 days

Volunteer in Malawi at its only accredited wildlife sanctuary. Volunteers get involved with daily animal and orphan care, rehabilitation and...

The Great Gorilla Project

from £2995

13 days


Come face-to-face with the enchanting gorillas of Southern Uganda.

Wildlife Conservation Adventure

from £595

7 - 140 days


This project's aims are to contribute to the current understanding of the local environment and help monitor the spectacular array...

Madagascar Wildlife Conservation

from £795

7 - 180 days


Discover, monitor and assess the huge variety of Madagascar's exotic and rare species as you trek through remote regions of...

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