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Volunteer with Orangutans

Conserve orangutans in South East Asia

Volunteering with orangutans is one of the most important conservation efforts you can join, as both species of orangutan in the wild are endangered and critically endangered respectively, leaving few able to breed and live in their native jungle habitat. Orangutans are found in South East Asia, particularly Borneo and Sumatra, and share about 96% of their genes with humans. That makes them one of our closest relatives, intelligent and beautiful animals dearly in need of your help.

Volunteering in Borneo (an island ruled by Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei) with orangutans will introduce you to how they are threatened by deforestation, other habitat loss, illegal trade and hunting, and more. This means there are many projects dedicated to helping them. Volunteer with orangutans and you will contribute to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of injured orangutans, as well as working to create a sustainable living environment to ensure their future health.

This is an experience you will never forget, taking place in destinations so sunny you won’t need a fake orange tan. If volunteering with orangutans sounds right for you, take a look at the placements on this page.

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