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Volunteer on a Farm or Ranch

Working with animals & the land, learning agriculture

Volunteering on a ranch and participating in farm work on your gap year is a unique and rewarding experience for any traveller. While it can be hard work and a lot of responsibility, you’ll be out there in the great outdoors for most of the day, seeing your chosen destination from a fresh perspective, and staying fit and healthy at the same time. Check out this story about volunteering on a ranch in Wyoming to see what day-to-day life is like. The places you’re most like to find farm and ranch work are countries with big, expansive open spaces – so think USA, Canada and Australia.

Farm volunteering and ranch work will expose volunteers to a whole variety of new animals and plant types that you’re unlikely to ever see back home. You’ll be working to tend those plants and animals, looking after their needs on a daily basis, as well as helping to ensure farms can work in harmony with local eco-systems. Volunteering on a ranch means no two days are ever the same, with duties often changing by the hour! Days might be long, but at the end you can sleep safe in the satisfied glow of a hard day’s work. This is the type of volunteering experience where a ‘can-do’ attitude is essential.

So if all that sounds good, have a look at the farm and ranch work we’ve rounded up. See what we did there?

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