Farm and Ranch Work

Volunteer at a Farm or Ranch

Participating in farm and ranch work on your gap year is an unique and rewarding experience. It’s hard work and a lot of responsibility but you’ll be out experiencing the outdoors for most of the day, and when you are on your gap year what could be better than that? It is also a great way to keep fit and healthy.

Farm and ranch work exposes volunteers to a whole variety of new animals and plant types that you might not otherwise see in your local town. Volunteer at a farm or ranch and you will help keep these plants and animals alive by tending to their needs on a daily basis and by doing so you’ll be encouraging new and sustainable eco-systems. Volunteers are also a benefit to local and export economies. No two days are ever the same; the responsibilities of a volunteer might vary not just day to day but hour to hour! A ‘can-do’ attitude is essential as tasks asked of volunteers might be sporadic and days worked can be long.

If you’re interested in farm and ranch work then have a look through our product listings and contact someone who could make this a reality!