Care for Reptiles

Volunteer with reptiles

Reptiles are being captured all over the world for their skin, bile and sometimes just to be sold in pet stores in different countries. Shipping reptiles is big business however they are not shipped in comfortable enclosures. Most times illegal shipping of reptiles results in many species thrown together in a box with a few holes cut in it to help them breathe. They are known to get very sick and sometimes their medical injuries are not evident until months later, once they are with their new owners.

Other threats such as habitat destruction, deforestation, poaching, arbitrary use of pesti-cides and the general lack of wildlife protection are reducing the number of natural homes and eco-systems for these animals. Carers for reptiles have very busy days and are usually responsible for creating meals and feeding the animals, cleaning and maintaining enclo-sures, assisting veterinary professionals administrating medical care and, if possible, assist-ing other volunteers with their inductions.

There are thousands of reptiles that need your help. Volunteer with reptiles on your gap year and you could make a real difference. Search our product listings for suitable projects and care for reptiles on your gap year.