Rhino Conservation

Volunteer with Rhinos

Rhino conservation is integral to ensure that the approximate 29,000 rhinos left in the wild continue to have a home and to safeguard against their declining population. Volunteer with rhinos and fight the myriad of threats these endangered animals face every day. Rhinos are poached for their valuable horns for both decorative and medical purposes.  They are also facing habitat loss due to climate change and deforestation.  Particular areas where these horrors take place include the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe and Nepal.

Rhino conservation volunteers sometimes take part in expeditions where they monitor the rhino, track their scent and check for evidence of poachers. Volunteer with rhinos and you will learn how to track and identify rhino spoor, track rhino locations, behaviour, movements and territories, feed and walk the rhino and clean rhino beds. Some projects even offer the opportunity to join trackers on anti-snare patrols or give community workshops on conservation issues.

If you’re interested in rhino conservation projects and would like to volunteer with rhinos on your gap year, then get in contact with one of our partners who would be happy to help you.