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Animal Sanctuary Volunteering

Rehabilitating endangered animals abroad

Volunteering at an animal sanctuary on your gap year opens up a whole range of options for travelling around the world. By working on animal rehabilitation and sanctuary projects, you’ll not only be doing something hugely worthwhile, but also giving yourself the chance to finally tick off whatever destination is top of your bucket list. Your help will be invaluable to the full time staff, and responsibilities might include helping with food preparation, feeding the animals, maintaining enclosures, observing veterinary procedures and even leading groups on tours.

You might treat injured cheetahs at a rehabilitation centre in South Africa, care for kangaroos at a sanctuary in Australia, work with abused bears in Romania, or work to protect precious marine environments on the coasts of Costa Rica. Animal rehabilitation projects are essential in order to protect endangered species and keep crucial eco-systems all around the world functioning properly. Approximately a quarter of the world’s animals are threatened with extinction. That is a massive amount of mammals, birds & reptiles, and marine life that need your time and help.

The choices are endless. Whatever your interests or passions, and whatever animals you love most, you’ll find something here to suit you.

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