Animal Sanctuary Volunteering

Rehabilitating endangered animals abroad

Volunteering at an animal sanctuary on your gap year opens up a whole range of options for travelling around the world. By working on animal rehabilitation and sanctuary projects, you’ll not only be doing something hugely worthwhile, but also giving yourself the chance to finally tick off whatever destination is top of your bucket list. Your help will be invaluable to the full time staff, and responsibilities might include helping with food preparation, feeding the animals, maintaining enclosures, observing veterinary procedures and even leading groups on tours.

You might treat injured cheetahs at a rehabilitation centre in South Africa, care for kangaroos at a sanctuary in Australia, work with abused bears in Romania, or work to protect precious marine environments on the coasts of Costa Rica. Animal rehabilitation projects are essential in order to protect endangered species and keep crucial eco-systems all around the world functioning properly. Approximately a quarter of the world’s animals are threatened with extinction. That is a massive amount of mammals, birds & reptiles, and marine life that need your time and help.

The choices are endless. Whatever your interests or passions, and whatever animals you love most, you’ll find something here to suit you.

Animal sanctuary volunteering projects


Animal Rescue and Conservation

from £780

14 - 84 days

Costa Rica

Volunteer in Costa Rica at an animal rescue center!

Wildlife Rescue in Tropical Thailand

from £599

7 - 84 days


Volunteer at a tropical Wildlife Rescue Centre which houses over 300 rescued animals including bears, monkeys and elephants. This project...

The Great Gorilla Project

from £2995

13 days


Come face-to-face with the enchanting gorillas of Southern Uganda.

Monkey Rescue & Rehabilitation

from £1200

7 - 30 days


Rescue, rehabilitate and eventually release the monkeys back into the wild, so that they are self-sufficient. You'll assist in helping...

Albania Rescue Tirana

from £207

14 days


This great program’s aim is to simply provide care to animals in need.  Volunteers are urgently needed to contribute their...

Thailand Elephant Care Experience

from £499

7 - 6 days


At this sanctuary you can learn about the challenges facing elephants in Thailand and be part of the solution through...

Nurture Orphaned Monkeys

from £647

7 - 84 days

South Africa

Volunteer at South Africa's first primate rehabilitation centre giving abused monkeys and baboons a chance at life in the wild....

Turtle Conservation Volunteering

from £210

14 - 168 days


Join other volunteers and nature lovers in Bali with International Volunteer HQ. The popular IVHQ Turtle Conservation project is located...

African Wildlife Orphanage

from £1200

14 - 84 days


Volunteer at an African Wildlife Orphanage in Zimbabwe to care for wild animals that have been injured, abandoned or orphaned.

Big 5 Conservation Experience in South Africa

from £935

14 - 84 days

South Africa

Witness South Africa's fabulous 'Big 5' whilst helping to protect flora and fauna on this beautiful game reserve. Work alongside...


Egypt Family Holiday

from £1450

Uncover the ancient mysteries and modern marvels of Egypt and see why this classic destination inspires millions of travellers each...

Galapagos & Inca Trail Adventure

from £3383

Prepare for a unique adventure packed full of ancient sights and breathtaking beauty as you travel from the bustle of...

Kenya & Tanzania Safari Under Canvas

from £5350

This trip delivers adventure and comfort in equal measures. Travel through these welcoming nations, past stunning scenery, tiny farming villages...

Western Cuba

from £650

The largest island in the Caribbean is widely known for its abundance of classic cars, cigars and rum, but there...

Mexico Day of the Dead in Oaxaca

One of the great festivals of the world, the Day of the Dead is both a celebration of ancestors and...

Mendoza and Bariloche Multisport

from £1399

Sure, Active adventures in Argentina sound pretty amazing, but when you really think about where they're taking place, they become...

Islands of the Philippines on a Shoestring

For travellers looking for a strange and beautiful adventure, this unique eight-day island-hopping trek through the Philippines will show you...

South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula from Buenos Aires

from £14930

Antarctica is considered by many to be the final frontier. Home to an equal number of stories of glory and...

Churchill Polar Bears

Churchill, Manitoba on Hudson Bay is considered the polar bear capital of the world, and this two-day trip will introduce...

Iguassu & Beyond

from £1249

For the nature lover who also wants to explore the nightlife of the urban jungle and have plenty of time...

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