Shark Conservation Volunteering

Protect the Great White, Hammerhead, and other shark species

The idea of volunteering with sharks might set your heart racing, but these are some of the most beautiful and misunderstood creatures in the marine world. Shark populations are declining worldwide and volunteers are needed more than ever to participate in shark conservation efforts and research. Volunteer with sharks and you’ll also get the opportunity to cage-dive in some of the most beautiful oceans in the world, including off the coast of South Africa, learning about these creatures close-up.

Shark conservation requires extensive research work, including monitoring and observing native populations. This data is then gathered and analysed so that it can be used to shape future marine conservation efforts, as well as educating local communities. And that’s where you come in! Volunteering with sharks will often see you meeting people and taking tourists out on shark-spotting boat trips to help educate them, and of course spending a lot of time observing these majestic creatures.

If you’re interested in shark conservation, take a look through the options here. You’re bound to find something right for you.

Top shark volunteering placements


Volunteer with Sharks

from £999

7 - 90 days

South Africa

Join marine biologists working closely with sharks, going cage diving with them and conducting valuable research into their behaviour. All...

Marine Conservation in South Africa

from £1295

14 - 70 days

South Africa

Learn to dive or improve whilst contributing to turtle, shark, potato bass and whale research in Sodwana Bay; one of...

Great White Shark Conservation

from £950

7 - 84 days

South Africa

Travel to South Africa and volunteer in the Great White Shark capital of the world. Cage dive with Great Whites...

Shark Conservation in Indonesia

from £750

14 days


Join our research team in paradise and work alongside experienced marine biologists while earning your PADI Dive certification all the...

Marine Conservation, Mozambique

from £1850

14 - 112 days


Live on the beach and join a world-class research team in Southern Mozambique, one of the best diving locations in...

Madagascar Marine Conservation

from £895

7 - 140 days


Escape to Madagascar – the magical island which is home to some of the world's most spectacular and least explored...

Ultimate Cambodian Adventure

from £840.65

14 - 14 days

Best of Vietnam

from £1025.1

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