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Turtle Conservation Volunteering

Protect turtle species and their habitats

Volunteering with turtles has never been so important, with sea turtles, freshwater turtles, and land turtles being listed as threatened or endangered. Volunteer with turtles on your gap year and you can join the fight to help save these incredible animals. Even better, turtle conservation will take you to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, like the Seychelles, Australia and Indonesia.

Some of the most endangered species include the freshwater red crowned river turtle found in parts of South Asia, and the unique vegetarian Central America river turtle found in areas including Guatemala.  These species and more all need volunteers like you to help fight threats and create safe eco-systems for the next generation of turtles to live and breed.

Volunteer with turtles and work to overcome hazards such as habitat loss due to coastal development, illegal hunting, illegal fishing, incidental capture in fishing gear, climate change and disease caused by run-off from marine pollution. With so much to fight against, one thing is for certain: turtle conservation is never boring. Volunteers are usually asked to get involved with a number of tasks such as caring for the turtles, assisting in hatcheries, maintaining the beach area, feeding the turtles and even working with local schools giving classes on turtle conservation techniques.

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