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Whale Conservation & Dolphin Volunteering

Protect these amazing creatures and their habitats

Whale and dolphin conservation is an excellent way to get some work experience under your belt if you’re interested in a conservation career as a marine biologist. Plus your help could contribute to increasing the number of whales and dolphins currently inhabiting our seas and oceans and improve their quality of life. You’ll have a whale of a time.

There are a number of issues that currently plague the community of whales and dolphins, including deliberate human acts such as shootings and spearings, as well as accidents like boat strikes and entanglements.  There are a number of regional issues to add to that list, such as the killing of whales for oil in Iceland and dolphins kept in captivity so that they can become ‘performers’ for people’s amusement.

Volunteering with whales and dolphins means you could spend your days monitoring the movements and behaviour of the native whales and dolphins in your area, assisting in creating policy to help protect them in the future and work with the indigenous people to educate them on conservation. If you wish to volunteer with whales and dolphins on your gap year check out all the options here to find something that suits you.

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