Volunteer at a Zoo

Volunteering at a Zoo

Everybody loves visiting one so why not volunteer at a zoo on your gap year? If you have a respect for nature and animals and find the lifestyle of all different types of animals fascinating then volunteering at a zoo could be for you.

Volunteering at a zoo is hard work but the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Your work will help assist the public on endangered species, improve the quality of life of the animals and contribute to the protection of our environment and all its species.  Much of the work carried out when volunteering at a zoo involves cleaning and maintaining the animal enclo-sures- ensuring the animals are healthy, happy and living in a clean environment. Volunteers might also have the opportunity to feed the animals, observe their behaviours and report on them, prepare meals and bath some of the wildlife.

Rain or shine, volunteering at a zoo is a very worthwhile project and if you have an interest in animal care or maybe even veterinary science this type of work experience on your gap year could be just what you’ve been looking for.