Medical Care Projects

Medical Volunteer Opportunities

Take part in medical care projects abroad and you will not only have a direct impact on the local community but potentially offer lifesaving resources to an otherwise underdeveloped country. Medical volunteer opportunities abroad differ considerably from those in the UK. Your host country might be in need of vital medical knowledge that you can offer, or on the other hand you could learn alternative methods to treating patients practiced abroad.

Volunteers are encouraged to play an active role helping medical practitioners and often shadow the local doctors and nurses. Medical volunteer opportunities may also include fundraising for new hospital wards, helping with office administration, offering counselling services and much more. You may be called upon to improve the English skills of the local practitioners and patients. Learn the local language yourself and you may be entrusted with additional responsibilities, taking part in extra circular activities and boosting your CV.

It’s also not just medical care experience you could be gaining; apply for the right project and you may also have the chance to take part in dental work abroad or even physiotherapy. There are a multitude of exciting projects to get involved with so start your search today.