Care for Street Children

Volunteering With Street Children

Street children are barely surviving in many underdeveloped countries all over the world.  Open your heart and care for street children abroad so that they too can have the chance of a brighter future.

There are approximately 100 million street children around the world, all hungry and alone. Often they are living in countries with great political hostility or will be sent to live on the streets to earn money for their family. Some may have developed physiological and emotional problems from their awful living conditions and even have developed life-threatening drug habits at very early ages.

However difficult volunteering with street children may be, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Street children are incredibly grateful for a helping hand and you could develop a friend for life through your care work.  Volunteering with street children could also involve working with the wider community to change negative attitudes and stereotypes towards them, so that they have an increased chance of rebuilding their lives. With a number of organisations focusing on care for street children, helping them couldn’t be easier. Have a look through our product listings and add a volunteering with street children program to you gap year itinerary.