Environmental Opportunities

Ecotourism has never been so important. Global environmental issues such as climate change, logging, conservation, overpopulation, water and air pollution and illegal dumping of waste are damaging jungles, rainforests, coral, animal population and homes for people in some seriously substandard townships the world over.

Environmental opportunities made available to people on their gap years can help eradicate the destruction caused by these disasters and help make the suffering destinations beautiful again. Ecotourism volunteers can assist in marine conservation projects on the Galapagos Islands or learn all about eco-development in a remote South American village. Animal conservation is also a major issue within ecotourism and there are many different types of projects that focus on this crucial concern, such as saving the White Tiger in India or the Pandas in China. The possibilities are endless and so are the rewards.

Volunteers taking part in environmental opportunities abroad often live amongst the local community usually with their own room in a homestay or a shared bedroom in a local dorm. If ecotourism is something you’re interested in then ensure to secure a placement on your gap year.