Hospitality and Catering

Hospitality and Catering Experience

Taking part in hospitality and catering projects abroad on your gap year could really boost your work experience and allow you to stand out from the crowd when you return back home. Hospitality and catering experience abroad can really help when applying for jobs such as a chef or a hotelier. Approximately 1.7 million people in the UK work in the hospitality industry. Even through a recession, people still need to eat! Taking part in hospitality and catering placements abroad allows volunteers to observe the way things are done in other countries so that they can bring their newly learnt skills back home with them. Volunteers will also teach the locals in the country some special techniques practised at home in an effort to exchange thoughts and ideas.

Hospitality and catering opportunities can be found all around the world and participants with any level of experience or qualifications are generally accepted. Volunteers are usually required to carry out tasks such as front desk maintenance, event management, waiting tables, sous chef duties and more. Placements typically run for approximately 3-6 months, however, many different companies now run more flexible programs that could run for more or less time.

If you wish to enter the hospitality and catering industries when you return from your gap year or start a hospitality degree at university with a work experience prerequisite, then this type of pro-gram could be just the ticket.